Mum Lists: Top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas

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mum lists, tips and tricks, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas, Christmas

It is only 10 days before Christmas and if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, then you are in a luck as I dish out some last-minute Christmas gift ideas for your family, friends, or inaanaks {godchildren}. And since I am sure most of you will be put off by the horrendous holiday traffic and long queues in the mall, how about shopping for you Christmas gifts online? All you have to do is click a few buttons to order and pay for them and wait for your dependable courier to deliver these gifts right into your doorsteps. Sounds like a very good plan, right? And just about perfect, so you can finish the many other things on your holiday to-do list whist waiting for your delivery.

Here are a few cutesy Christmas gift ideas I though most mums will like:

1. Life Saver Watch From Lovehopefaithgroup

The Christmas season is also the best time to teach children about charity and helping others. What better way to demonstrate that than by giving out gifts that actually help save lives. The Life Saver Watch from the Lovehopefaith group is a perfect Christmas gift idea. You not only make your family and friends happy with their new watch, but even made them feel even better by letting them now that their gifts help save the lives of sick children.

Each watch sells at Php250. You may get yours at Lovefaithhopegroup on Instagram.

2. Toothboxes from Raiz&Rafa

Here’s a unique keepsake gift you can get for your child or maybe for some random kids on your list. Safe keep those fallen little milk teeth. Also includes slot for baby’s umbilical cord stump and first hair cut. A wonderful remembrance for every child indeed. Order here!

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This is a lovely keepsake for the little one’s baby teeth, something that every mum will appreciate. I have been eyeing to get one of these for as long as I can remember, so I was really excited to finally purchase from Raiz&Rafa a few months back. These toothboxes comes in two designs for baby boys and girls and sells for Php350. Apart from these cutesy keepsakes, Raiz&Rafa also carries a wide assortment of educational toys, including wooden toys and soft books for small children, which are perfect gifts for your inaanaks!

To order, you can contact Raiz&Rafa on Instagram or Facebook.

3. Organic Soaps from V&M Naturals

The malls are beginning to become so crowded, I’m sure you are getting stressed and dizzy! If there’s anything we can do to help, we’re all for it! That’s why we prepared these jars for you. Perfect to personalize and customize for everyone you love. Share the gift of beautiful skin with these customized jars, just put the name of your colleagues, friends, titas and you’re all set! We got pre-made jars with different skin types ready so you wouldn’t have a hard time choosing. You can also customize the content, just send us a DM to give us your specifications. See pricing below: . . 1 jar = Php 350 5 jars = Php 280 10 jars = Php 250 15 jars = Php 200 20 jars = Php 150 . . On top of that, you get to activate Php 100 points when you shop at our stores or online today! Where are we gonna see you? Are you ready to shop? Double tap ? if you like these personalized jars as much as we do!!! #vnmnaturals #ModernConciousBeauty

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V&M promises to deliver natural, healthy, and beautiful skin through their line of soaps, oils, fragrances, and other skin care essential items. Their natural and hand-made soaps are my absolute favorites and I have been using them since late last year. My sisters also love their soaps and since they are all natural, it is also safe for my little man’s use. I use the Love & Citrus variant on him.

Their Soap Slivers is the perfect idea to share the gift of beautiful skin. They fill a lovely jar with sample slivers of their best-selling soaps and place a tag for you, too! You can even personalize the content based on your or your recipient’s skin type. A clever way to try numerous soap variants without having to buy the full size! A jar sells for Php350 and you will even get discounts if you buy multiple jars.

As of writing, I am waiting for the items I hoarded during their Kris Kringle Sale a few days ago, where I was able to get 3 soaps for only Php700! Check the V&M Instagram Page as they post sale announcement from time to time!

4. Earrings and Personalized Wooden Brushes by LyCo Shop

mum lists, tips and tricks, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas, Christmas

You can never go wrong with a pair of earrings. It is something that girls of all ages absolutely love. Take advantage of Lyco Shop’s 50% off on their best-selling stainless earrings. They are available in 2 elegant designs and best of all they are hypoallergenic so they are safe even for small girls. The shop also offers free gift wrapping with no minimum order requirement!

mum lists, tips and tricks, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas, Christmas

A personalized gift is also something anyone would appreciate and these personalized wooden brushes from LyCo Shop are just the cutest. I thought it would be a great gift for your daughters, nieces or your girlfriends. You can have the wooden brush personalized with the recipients’s name, too. The brush comes in two sizes, Big {Php450} and Small {Php350}. For queries and orders, you may contact LyCo Shop on Facebook.

5. Gift Boxes from Mrs. Gift Boxes

mum lists, tips and tricks, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas, Christmas

Gift boxes are the most thoughtful gifts. Imagine receiving a box full of gifts? These curated boxes by Mrs. Gift Boxes are just awesome and they are perfect for coffee-loving mums like me! The content of boxes vary and sells starting at Php599. Visit Mrs. Gift Boxes on Facebook for inquiries.

6. Montessori-based Toys by Momma’s Picks Ph

If you are looking for Montessori-based items like weaning cups and educational toys {like this colorful rainbow stacker in the photo}, do not forget to check Momma’s Picks Ph on Instagram. You can also DM them for orders and inquiries.

7. Felt Name Tags by Little La Niña

mum lists, tips and tricks, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas, Christmas

These cutesy felt name or bag tags from Little La Niña is also a lovely gift idea for the kids in your life and their friends. They can use these on their bags or ID’s or use them as decors for arts and craft projects. Each tag sells at a minimum of Php55.

Direct your inquiries to the Little La Niña Facebook Page.

8. Unique Felt Products by Craft Momma

mum lists, tips and tricks, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas, Christmas

If you are looking for unique yet cute gifts for your little one’s classmates and friends, you might want to check out these adorable felt products by Craft Momma. She has different products you can choose from ~ plushies, bouquets, masks, bows and clips and other hair accessories.

For your inquiries, contact them through Crafty Momma on Instagram.

9. Personalized Totes and Pouches from CLI Printing Services

mum lists, tips and tricks, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas, Christmas

Tote bags and pouches never go out of style and we all have a use for them at any given time. These personalized tote bags and pouches are great Christmas gifts for your school-aged kid’s teachers and classmates as you can personalize them with whatever design you want or even put the recipient’s name in them.

For inquiries on pricing and lead time, visit the CLI Printing Services Facebook Page.

10. Essential Oils from Made by Pearl

mum lists, tips and tricks, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas, Christmas

Essential oils are growing in popularity these days with more mums turning their heads away from prescription drugs and opting for a more natural way to ward off common diseases like cough and colds, headache, fever, and even asthma. I have been using oils at home but mostly for cleaning purposes and I cannot wait to get my hands on more essential oils so I can try it as a remedy for aches and pains.

If you would like to give the gift of health and well being, check out these essential oils from Made by Pearl. She also has hand-sewn menstrual pads and liners, an ideal gift for earth-loving mums and gals who would love to turn green in the new year.

For more information, visit Made by Pearl on Facebook.

11. Customized Human Heart Nature Box Gifts by Brookes Inc

mum lists, tips and tricks, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas, Christmas

Human Heart Nature products are staples in our household. I love their hand sanitizer and oils. My little man also loves their all-natural lotion. These customized boxes from Brookes Inc is definitely a great idea! You can check out their numerous HHN boxes on hand at the Brookes Inc Facebook Page.

12. Hand-Made Traveler’s Notebook by Aireescreates Design & Paperie

mum lists, tips and tricks, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas, Christmas
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If you are looking for beautiful hand-crafted notebooks made from sustainable materials, look no further as you can find those, and more, at Aireescreates Design & Paperie. I bought me and my sister these TN’s and notebooks last year and we absolutely love them! Each Traveler’s Notebook sells at Php350 and comes with 2 blank refills {64 pages} made from 120gsm ivory paper which is perfect for watercolor, calligraphy, and brush lettering.

Apart from the TNs, they also sell notebooks, covers for Hobonichi, wallets, and coin purse. Visit Aireescreates Design & Paperie on Instagram, for more information.

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