Thankful Thursday: Of Gratitude + Love

Love is always another reason to be thankful and grateful for, and today, more than ever, I am thankful for love! :heart:

Here are a number of things I am also grateful for this week:

:heart: catching up with a dear friend
:heart: the little man excited about his Christmas party in school and enjoying it
:heart: the chance to spread the Christmas cheer, especially to those who need it most
:heart: Christmas being a few days away
:heart: wrapping gifts for the little ones classmates, teacher, and those who help him around school
:heart: spreading positivism to a friend who needs it
:heart: earning opportunities for my blogs
:heart: 2017 and all it has given us whilst hopeful in anticipating 2018
:heart: surprises in the mail
:heart: sending Christmas wishes in the mail

What are you thankful for today? May the Christmas season give you more reason to be grateful! Happy Christmas!

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