This week I am thankful for:

:heart: matching planner/notebook with my sisters courtesy of a friend
:heart: much-needed afternoon zzzzz
:heart: surprises in the mail
:heart: fried chicken with my little man
:heart: cooler weather at night and early morning {just about perfect for sleeping in some more}
:heart: funny quips from my boy
:heart: new notebooks for Jared and more planning/crafting stuff for mum
:heart: planners/journals ready for 2018 as I resolve to write more in the new year
:heart: Nestea Milk Tea in Wintermelon {perfect thirst quencher for a hot and humid afternoond}
:heart: crossing a few more items on my to-do list before the year ends. Hoping to cross out a few more before the holidays
:heart: incoming Christmas parties and get together

What are you grateful for today?

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is a 30-something work-at-home mum who blogs in between home chores + child-minding. i love coffee, books + reading, collecting lovely postcards, + spending loads of time outdoors with my little man.