Tips + Tricks: 5 Effective Ways To Care For Your Hair

tips and tricks, hair care tips, health and beauty

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Having a great hair day is essential in making any mum look and feel good about herself. Even when we have many things to do everyday, it is must that we give time to care for our crowning glory to keep it shiny and healthy.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can try to help care for your locks:

Brush It

There are times when we are too busy with our mum duties that we do not even have time to brush our hair, especially if we are stay-at-home mums who seldom go out. Little do we know that brushing does more to our hair other than keeping it in place and preventing tangles. Brushing also allows for natural oil in our scalp to be evenly distributed to our hair, making it healthier.

tips and tricks, hair care tips, health and beauty

Cover It

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Parenting 101: Top Tips For Purposeful Parenting

Being a parent in today’s economic and social environment is as challenging as being a child. The human race is advancing at break-neck speed as we venture deeper into the information age. Raising a child requires spending quality time with them, instilling your values in them to help them develop into well-adjusted, functioning adults.

With so many people living in two-income households where both parents have to work to make ends meet has resulted in a lost generation of youth. Drugs, violence, and sex have infiltrated society and keeping your child away from these influences are paramount.

Being a purposeful parent means that you take an active interest in your child’s life, every single day. If you fail to meet your duties as a parent, your child may grow up to experience the pitfalls of society, putting them in a position to be at a disadvantage to make the most of their life.

Here are five examples of what it takes to be parents for purpose.

1.  Become Actively Involved in Your Child’s Education

Educating your children is possibly the most significant task you will face as a parent. A child with a good education has an opportunity in life. Get involved with your child’s schooling, most parent’s involvement with their kids’ education boils down to asking them if they did their homework. This parenting strategy simply isn’t good enough. Take time every day to ask your kids about their school life. Are they having fun? Are their teachers good? Where do they struggle? Homeschooling is the best solution to ensure you have a well-educated child in their former years.

2. Teach Your Kids about Recycling

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