Home + Garden: How To Design A Family-Friendly Garden

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Do you recall the last time your children played outdoors? If you don’t remember your kids heading outside to play an old-fashioned game of hide-and-seek or patintero, you’re not alone as many parents are lamenting the fact that their children are spending more time playing with their smartphones or computers. As a result, a survey has revealed that the Philippines is one of the unhealthiest countries in Asia as 30% of parents admit that their children don’t get enough exercise. Often, the culprits of this unhealthy lifestyle are being too engrossed in computer games, watching online videos, and overuse of social media. By living a sedentary lifestyle, Pinoy kids are missing out on the benefits of being in nature, but you can improve
matters by designing a garden that your family will enjoy. By improving your outdoor space, you can create a garden that will encourage your loved ones to spend more time enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Here are a few
tips to help you design a family friendly garden.

Create Zones In Your Garden

If you happen to have a reasonably large backyard, it may be a great idea to create zones in your garden. Divide your outdoor space into several sections, such as a sitting area, an active play section, a flower or vegetable garden section, and the like. Doing so makes your garden a lot more interesting to young ones and increases the number of outdoor activities you can do with your kids.

Make It Colorful And Beautiful

No one wants to spend time in an unkempt garden that’s devoid of color. Take your garden to the next level by controlling weeds, adding flowers or flowering plants, and adding some garden art such as an installation made of found objects. A water feature such as an outdoor wall or freestanding water fountain can add freshness and a serene feel to your garden. To give your garden a magical feel, put up some LED string lights and add some landscape lighting. Doing so will make your backyard more inviting and dramatic at night.

Design A Play Area That Everyone Will Enjoy

Having a swing set, a slide, a playhouse, and other play equipment can quickly make your garden the most popular kid hangout in the neighborhood. However, make this area enjoyable for you and other grownups too by creating shade and having comfortable seats near the play area so you can sit and enjoy a nice book or just look after younger children while they’re playing.

Having a family-friendly garden can benefit your loved one’s physical and mental health and can give them a pleasurable way to spend time at home. Follow these tips to create a garden that your family will enjoy through the years.

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