Press Release: LBC Allies With PNP-HPG Towards Safer Roads

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press release, announcement, news
PNP-HPG Director Police Chief Superintendent, Arnel Escobal and LBC Express Inc. Senior Vice President for Philippine Operations, Oliver Valentin

LBC and the Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group {PNP-HPG} has renewed another fruitful year of partnership which shows how private companies and government can work together in making a difference in the lives of the public they serve.

Recently, the two groups reinforced their Memorandum of Understanding on the importance of road safety and security through “The Disiplinadong Driver- Road Safety Marshal Orientation” held at the Camp Crame Grandstand last February 3, 2018.

Led by LBC Senior VP Oliver Valentin and HPG Director Atty. Arnel Escobal, 40-50 LBC delivery managers, supervisors, drivers, and riders underwent training with the HPG-PNP staff. Here, they were taught how to follow street signs; observe proper road etiquette; detect and avoid danger on the streets; and, gear up for each and every delivery. In exchange for the valuable instructions given to them, LBC provided the classrooms for training.

press release, announcement, news

LBC says the partnership is essential to their operations because they move almost 96,000 parcels and cargoes daily through their 1,800 combined fleet of motorcycles and trucks. In 2017, HPG was able to train 560 NCR-based drivers of LBC which significantly reduced the number of recorded vehicular accidents.

Highlight of the event was the oath-taking of LBC employees who undertook the drills and the ceremonial posting of “Road Safety Mashal” stickers on LBC-marked delivery vans & motorcycles.

Valentin is proud to say that LBC is the first Corporate Supply Chain recognized by PNP-HPG as Road Safety Ambassador for “Ang Disiplinadong Driver”. He says: “We are well aware of our civic duty to adopt and adhere strictly to public safety policies. By advocating safer roads, we want to impart the message that entities can do their job both successfully and responsibly, if they set their minds to it”.

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  1. Wow, i find this as a noble act. Yes, with the highly case of road accidents and more, I think this is such a great help. I’m happy to know that LBC has partnered with PNP to really secure the safety of LBC drivers. I hope that more companies will get to partner with PNP for good. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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