Children: Inclusive Education System

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Children, education, children learning, learning
Nathan Dumlao

What is an inclusive education?

Inclusive education is all about educating children with special needs along with children without special needs. The aim of inclusive education is not to create any differentiation between general training and special education. In fact, they expect the schools to restore themselves and allow the special children in.

Now, people advocate that the children with special needs are welcomed into the school,and they create a set-up that respects them, nurtures them and empowers them in the long run. Therefore, if you have such a target group where you have children with diverse needs which is representative of a healthy population, then there is so much more than the school must gear up for.

It is important to remember that inclusion is not just being in there with the healthy children in a regular school. The children must not feel the idea of not belonging to that place. It is a massive responsibility that needs proper planning before starting it. Teaching works and instruction is essential. The training of teachers can help in making such projects successful.

Inclusive School System Requirements

The inclusive school requirements are very different from the normal one. The system needs to change each aspect of it to make it work. The two main elements that need immediate and utmost changes are:

  1. Concerning the inclusive school or college curriculum, you would require a lot of flexibility
  2. Regarding teaching methodologies and expertise on the part of the teachers, there is a need for proper training

What Does This New Ideology Trying To Promote?

Three main points are in focus of people who are trying to promote the inclusive education system. These are:

  1. It seeks to bring social cohesion
  2. It tries to create a more responsible and patient society
  3. It tries to undo the harm that is done to the people who are differently abled

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Children, education, children learning, learning

The Power of Inclusive Education

This system of inclusive education makes a world where children learn, play, and grow together. A world in which the disability does not stand in front of a child’s way of making friends and to study. It does not dictate the disabled children where they have to study and where not, and, most importantly, who they must study with.

This system tries to make this thing a reality for such children who are unable to do it for themselves. It appreciates the power and the promise for removing all such obstacles from their path.

So, it is not up to us to decide what education is meant for a child and what is not, depending on just their physical abilities. The purpose of education is solely to bring about desirable changes in a child or a society.

Its main purpose is for a child to become socially and potentially good individual, that is, bringing out the best potentials in a child. This is precisely the power of an inclusive education system, and this is what an inclusive education aims for in the long run.

Mum’s Two Cents

With special needs or not, deep down each child is the same.  They need nurturing and love, and they require a place conducive to learning. Inclusive education may sound like a Utopian dream for now, but it is the best set-up to teach children, and grown-ups, too, about acceptance, tolerance, and compassion.

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  1. Very informative sharing by you, enjoy reading it. After reading, learnt so much about inclusive learning. Personally I would recommend this system as it definitely provide better social interaction chances to the special need kids 🙂 cheers, Siennylovesdrawing

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