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Let there be light! This is often easier said than done. In order to appreciate your options, let us examine some of the top lighting tips offered by experts within the industry.

Utilize Ambient Light

One of the many benefits of ambient lights is that it can augment the personality of any room without being associated with a harsh glow. This is particularly useful in areas which are defined by large ceilings ~ they will reflect this light downwards in a uniform fashion.

Table Lamps and Similar Options

tips and tricks, home, home and garden, home improvement, home furnishings
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Task-oriented lights such as those used for desks or end tables should be able to display a sense of unique personality. Apothecary-style units or the amazingly original options offered by Lamp Twist designer lighting are always excellent options. A handful of well-placed wall scones can, likewise, leave a lasting impression without requiring too much space.

Bathrooms ~ All About Lighting Locations

One of the most common mistakes homeowners often make is choosing a central-mounted fixture for the bathroom. Although this might seem like the most logical choice, we should keep in mind that this configuration tends to provide a rather hard sense of illumination. As most bathrooms are lightly colored, you need to find a delicate balance between functionality and a visually-overwhelming situation. A great option is to use a handful of wall-mounted fixtures such as downward-facing scones. Try to place these units where they will be most useful, like above the sink or immediately outside the shower.

Functional Lighting for the Kitchen

tips and tricks, home, home and garden, home improvement, home furnishings
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Kitchen lighting should represent an amalgam of functionality and beauty. Having said this, there a few design tips to keep in mind. Expert portals, such as HouseLogic, observe that you should embrace a mixture of ambient lighting and task-oriented fixtures. Still, you never want these fixtures to hamper your day-to-day activities. Overhead lights {hanging models} can help to illuminate important areas, such as the sink, the counter, and the stove. Ambient light, on the other hand, can provide a natural feel throughout the year.

Dimmers for the Bedroom

Dimmer lights are absolutely essential for a relaxing ambiance in the bedroom. These can even be placed on a timer so that their illumination will change at predetermined hours. Most dimmer switches are easy to install and if you are looking for a more innovative option, consider LED bulbs. They provide a more agreeable source of lighting, and as they generate little heat, they will last much longer than their traditional incandescent counterparts.

Mum’s Two Cents

Choosing the correct lighting options for your home can have a truly massive impact in no time at all.  I hope you follow some of the handful turnkey solutions mentioned above and let us know how your experience goes. And make sure to follow our posts regularly for more helpful tips and tricks.

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  1. Right lighting is very essential for every houses. For lighting accentuates the room and make it brighter, accessible and also beautiful. Thank you for sharing some amazing tips.

  2. Lighting can really set a mood. I’m working on lighting for our modest home. I don’t like glaring light so the idea of ambient lights is interesting. Also dimmers are an excellent option as well.

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