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Good health is essential to everyone’s health. We spend 8 hours sleeping and a third of our lives sleeping. Comfortable sleep is great preparation for the day ahead. Thus a good mattress is a long-term asset. Sometimes it is hard to find the mattress of high quality without breaking your bank. Without compromising on the quality, we are going to help you get the finest mattress.

What Type of Mattress Do You Need?

The retailers and the manufactures of mattresses have different brands of mattresses. The basic one is Tempur-Pedic, firm vs. plush, and sleep number beds. Tempur-Pedic is described as memory foam because they shape and offer support to your body as you sleep. Essentially, you sink, and the mattress exerts pressure to all parts of your body. If you want a comfortable sleeping surface, this kind of a mattress is not the best for you. Firm vs. Plush implies the softness and the firmness of the mattress. You will always notice that some of the mattresses described as firm, plush, ultra-firm, or ultra-plush to mean how soft, or hard the mattress is. To the ultra-plush, the manufacturers add a cushion and a pillow-top to a standard mattress to make it feel a bit soft. With sleep number Beds you use expandable air pressure hollows that can be customized to suit the firmness you want on the sleeping surface. With this type of mattress, you can make your mattress softer or firmer depending on the brand you get. They are fairly pricey.

What Firmness Do You Need?

A mattress that is very firm is not always the very best with your back. Some research proved that a mattress that has a medium firm is the one best for your back. A firm mattress can cause pain in your lower back. At times clients confuse firmness and support. The best mattress is the one that provides upright support and keeps the backbone in proper position without creating heaviness points. Initially, firmness relates maInly on how comfortable it feels when sleeping. Whether soft or hard, the ideal firmness level is closely associated with comfort.

home, home and garden, tips and tricks, home furnishings, sleeping matters, homemaking, home improvement, homemaking tips
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What Position Do You Sleep In?

Typically, side sleepers are supposed to use a soft and a foam mattress. Adding a pillow helps in making this kind of position comfortable. People who sleep on their stomach should use a mattress that is slightly firmer for healthier support as they tend to put pressure on their spine in this position. Back sleepers should have a firm mattress that supports their lower back properly. Your way of sleeping will determine how firm the mattress should be.

Read Reviews

Eve Memory Foam had earned a 5-star rating from the clients across the UK. It is thoroughly tested and proven to be the best and comfortable mattress for every position of a sleeper. It has a ten-year guarantee, has three layers that contain a cooling layer and a standard firm feel. The three layers are designed to offer maximum comfort. The shipping is free, and if you are not satisfied with it, you don’t pay anything.

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  1. Wow, this is actually so timely as I’m planning to buy a new mattress because I have visitor coming in the house next month. Yes, I truly agree that mattress with a medium firm is the best, that is exactly one of the things I consider whenever I buy a new mattress. Aside from it is comfortable enough, It won’t cause me back problem in the future.

    1. Indeed, too hard or too soft mattress can be potential factors in future back problems. Best to invest in a bed comfortable enough to give you a good night’s sleep.

  2. A good bed is really a must for a good night’s sleep. That’s why my husband and I also bought the best bed we could afford when we bought a new house. Super sulit na investment! We also invested in high thread count linens for our bed. These make a lot of difference in the quality of our sleep.

  3. This post came just in time for me. I have been contemplating if I should change my bed since we got a new flat or just retain the old ones. For now, I don’t think my bed foam is memory foam but it helps me sleep comfortably. I like it on the floor than on some bed frame. I’m really curious about memory foam!

  4. Thanks for sharing this informative posting about choosing right mattress ūüôā This really in time as I am currently exploring & shopping for a new mattress. Yeah!! I have learnt all the tips shared here, really really useful in my shopping ūüėÄ cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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