Mum Lists: Top 4 Things To Consider When Planning For A Family Vacation

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David Straight

Summer is the best time to go on that long-overdue family trip. For starters, the weather is just about right for whatever fun and enjoyable adventure you have in mind for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you plan to frolic on the beach, go on a camping trip, or have an awesome outdoor adventure in a park or a zoo, you are most likely to enjoy the day to the fullest without worrying for the rain to ruin it.

Summer is also that time of year when the children are on break from school and have loads of free time in their hands, which is perfect for those two-to-three-day-summer-getaway in a far off island or a lovely overseas destination where the whole family has been dreaming of going for the longest time.

Of course, planning for the entire family’s trip is no walk in the park and adding small children into the equation makes it much trickier. There are a number of things the designated travel planner ought to consider, including: 

  1. Everyone’s schedule ~ The children might be off from school during summer but the adults do not enjoy the same privilege. It is ideal to decide on the dates of your travel earlier on so the working adults can file vacation leaves from their offices promptly to avoid inconveniences when the actual trip comes.
  2. Travel funds ~ Of course, it goes without saying that you need to have a substantial amount of pocket money when you embark on your travel adventure. It might be difficult to set aside an ample amount from your salary for the month alone that it is best to save up a few months ahead of your scheduled trip. You can probably set up a “travel fund” jar at home where everyone can place the money you set aside for each week. Make sure to let the children in on the saving part, that way they will not only get more excited about your upcoming trip but will also learn about the value of saving up. Also, be on the look out for promos on rooms and accommodations and airfares {in case you need them}, and book them ahead of time, to enjoy more savings.
  3. Child-friendly accommodations ~ As mentioned, traveling with small children can be tricky, and you might require different sort of amenities and facilities depending on their age and the length of your stay. Personally, when booking for a beach trip, I almost always opt for a resort with a pool as my little man have a love-hate relationship with the beach and might need to warm up a bit in the pool before jumping and swimming willingly out in the sea. For smaller children, a resort or hotel with a playground might also do the trick.
  4. Travel insurance ~ Especially if you are traveling with your entire family, you will be at peace to know that you are all protected no matter what comes up during your vacation if you invest on travel insurance in advance. An appointment with a travel health insurance Philippines agent several months before your scheduled trip will be ideal. Opt for the insurance type that not only provides emergency medical treatment but also has a comprehensive coverage for dismemberment, disablement, as well accidental death and burial benefits. If you are traveling overseas, it will be a sound decision to opt for a travel insurance philippines affiliated with a world-class travel assistance brand that can provide complete and extensive services, including guaranteed hospital admission, emergency evacuation and medical transmission, as well as care for unattended minors. Investing on a dependable travel insurance, like Malayan Insurance, will give you a worry-free travel experience with the family. Also, if you’re planning for international travel soon, you might  want to check out our previous article on 5 reasons to invest on international travel insurance.

Your family trip may not go as planned 100% of the time but nothing beats preparedness and careful planning to prepare you for what’s to come and to give you utmost peace of mind so you can concentrate on making wonderful memories with your children this summer. With a solid travel plan, you can relax a bit and focus more on filling your little ones’ memory banks with heartwarming moments they are bound to remember long after they have outgrown their childhood.

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