A Tribute To Strong Mums On Mother’s Day

Indeed, mums are the greatest! No one else epitomizes strength and resilience best than a mother. She can do everything and anything for her children ~ earn a living, do household chores, look after the children, whilst keeping the home spic-and-span and making sure there’s food on the table. Indeed, a mum works tirelessly so she can do these tasks, and more. Her role does not end with the seemingly-endless tasks around the home. Apart from being the designated 24/7 childminder, she is also a playmate, a best friend, a movie buddy, a first teacher or a tutor, a confidante, a storyteller, and a open arms always ready to comfort a child in despair. In my case, she was also my staunchest supporter, the first to believe even when I doubt myself, and the best cook ever!

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my Mama on my College graduation
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Thankful Thursday: Of Gratitude + Simple Things

Yes, it is imperative that we express gratitude for everything, even the small and simple things that make our lives all the more interesting and worth living.

This week, I am thankful for:

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Mum Lists: Top 4 Things To Consider When Planning For A Family Vacation

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David Straight

Summer is the best time to go on that long-overdue family trip. For starters, the weather is just about right for whatever fun and enjoyable adventure you have in mind for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you plan to frolic on the beach, go on a camping trip, or have an awesome outdoor adventure in a park or a zoo, you are most likely to enjoy the day to the fullest without worrying for the rain to ruin it.

Summer is also that time of year when the children are on break from school and have loads of free time in their hands, which is perfect for those two-to-three-day-summer-getaway in a far off island or a lovely overseas destination where the whole family has been dreaming of going for the longest time.

Of course, planning for the entire family’s trip is no walk in the park and adding small children into the equation makes it much trickier. There are a number of things the designated travel planner ought to consider, including: 

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