It may not come easy and one has to constantly and continuously choose to be grateful, but one day, it will be so much more like muscle memory to be thankful and grateful for each inconvenience, delay, disappointment, or heartache.

This week, I am grateful for:

:heart: blogger mails
:heart: blessings through the blog
:heart: new earning opportunity for this work-from-home mum
:heart: retail therapy
:heart: spending lazy time at home with my little man
:heart: afternoon drizzles
:heart: ticking off more items on my summer to-do list
:heart: settling bills and obligations
:heart: renewing hosting for the blogs
:heart: new drawing materials for the little man!
:heart: tidying up a little at home {still lots of clutter to either relocate, giveaway, or dispose of}
:heart: takeaway fried chicken
:heart: conversations with a dear friend from across the miles
:heart: The Crown {it is always exhilarating to hear people speak in that lovely and crisp British accent and it always reminds me of the good old days}
:heart: afternoon snuggles and binge watching

What are you grateful for today?

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is a 30-something work-at-home mum who blogs in between home chores + child-minding. i love coffee, books + reading, collecting lovely postcards, + spending loads of time outdoors with my little man.