Yes, it is imperative that we express gratitude for everything, even the small and simple things that make our lives all the more interesting and worth living.

This week, I am thankful for:

:heart: Mitch Albom books I borrowed from my sister {currently reading The First Phone Call From Heaven}
:heart: the daily blooms of my moss rose plants that never fail to put a smile on my face
:heart: family time
:heart: the weekends
:heart: awesome postcards in my invisible mailbox
:heart: watching old films with my little couch potato
:heart: fast food and takeaways for when I am in dire need of a break from the sweltering kitchen :P
:heart: hugs and kisses from my sweet little dude
:heart: inspiring conversations with a dear friend
:heart: surprising my dear neighbor with an advanced Mother’s Day token
:heart: my never-ending to-do list I hope to finish before the new school year begins

What are you thankful for today?

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is a 30-something work-at-home mum who blogs in between home chores + child-minding. i love coffee, books + reading, collecting lovely postcards, + spending loads of time outdoors with my little man.