Mum Finds: A Collection of BIC® Coloring Products Designed Especially For Kids

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The new school year may have started for some, but for those who have yet to go shopping for their little ones’ back-to-school needs, here’s a new set of coloring materials you might want to add to your shopping cart. . BIC®? recently launches a new line of coloring products designed especially for kids, BIC® Kids. What’s to love? . . • they are designed especially for kids aged 2-10 years old • they are high-quality yet affordable • EN71 European toy industry standard compliant • there are loads of coloring products to choose from . Our faves include: . . • the erasable and washable felt pens • the break-resistant non-staining wax crayons • the wood-free coloring pencils which is just perfect for the little man as it is extra-resistant to breakage and so easy to sharpen . Help harness your children’s creativity and imagination with these BIC® coloring products. They are available now at National Bookstore branches nationwide. #MumFinds #mumbacktoschoolfinds #artmaterials #coloringmaterialsph #backtoschool #backtoschoolfinds #smallhandswilldobigthings

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Back-to-school season gets everyone excited, including mums like myself, who absolutely enjoy going to the bookstore to shop for school supplies. Of course, as parents we only want the best for our children. After all, it is not only our responsibility as parents to encourage their creativity, but also to give them enough opportunities and the proper materials to enhance their skills.

That is why this mum is more than delighted to find out about the new coloring products recently launched by BIC® which are designed especially for kids. A well-loved brand, BIC® is not only passionate about being part of the daily lives of their million consumers, but also advocates the importance of handwriting and drawing as essential factors in a child’s development. These new coloring materials are launched to encourage children to use their imagination to develop and enhance not only their motor skills, but more so their concentration and creativity.

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These new product line from BIC® is a collection of writing and coloring products especially designed for children aged 2-10 years old. The BIC® Kids’ line comprises of high-quality yet affordable products that are all compliant with EN71 European toy industry standard.

My favorite among these new BIC® products are:

  • Erasable and washable Felt Pens ~ great for lots of drawing activities sans the mess and the mistakes
  • Evolution® Coloring Pencils ~ which are wood-free and extra resistant to breakage and easy to sharpen, too
  • Wax Crayons ~ which will be perfect for my little man as these are break-resistant and do not stain on hands

mum finds, products and brands, back-to-school, back-to-school finds, school supplies and stationery, arts and craftsTo start your young ones on their first-ever writing and drawing adventure this back-to-school season, do not forget to include these BIC® drawing materials in your back-to-school shopping cart, and let your little one’s imagination run free and their creativity explode on paper. Let us allow them to play with color, doodle, make mistakes, and get messy. Together with BIC® Kids, let us work hand-in-hand in starting a brighter future for the children!

To know more about their products, visit the and websites. While you are at it, you might as well follow them on Facebook, @bicstationeryphilippines, Twitter, @BicGroup, YouTube, @bicbrand and Instagram, @bic_group/.

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  1. I enjoy going to the bookstore except pag Back to School na. I dislike crowds and long lines kasi, mahirap makapamili. I haven’t tried this brand of crayons, tweens na anak ko, bihira na magcolor. 🙂

    1. So true. I always look forward to doing the back-to-school shopping but the long queues can really be quite a hassle. Hindi tuloy makabili ng ibang extra items like books and notebooks for mum kasi need to stick on my shopping list para makatapos agad. Am eyeing to use some of these products since I discovered this 30 day coloring challenge and I wanted to give it a go. 🙂

  2. Wow, these look great! As a homeschooling family, we usually stock up on writing and coloring materials. These are great to add to our supply. Perfect for my sons, even for the youngest one who’s turning two in a few months. 🙂

  3. These art materials are so so nice! Got curious on what are the erasable felt pens. Gonna check them out for my little artist to try. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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