Travel: Plan Your Next Trip With TripHobo

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travel, travel apps, travel tips, mobile apps for the family, mobile apps
the TripHobo website

Traveling is so much easier and exciting now with the advent of websites and apps that make planning, booking, and actually taking the trip a lot easier. Without even leaving your home, in fact, with just a few clicks on your mobile or your reliable laptop, you can now plan your family’s next travel adventure without even breaking a sweat. Heck, you can do it while breastfeeding your little one or while taking a break from your online work.

In case you are planning to travel with the family very soon, you might want to check out TripHobo. It is an emerging website that has everything you need to plan your trip, all in one place.

TripHobo in a nutshell

travel, travel apps, travel tips, mobile apps for the family, mobile apps
the TripHobo Trip Planner

As I have mentioned, TripHobo is a one-stop website for all your travel and booking needs. This trip-planning site was founded in 2014 by three colleagues who became friends in Pune, India. It specializes in offering wholesome travel planning and booking experience and now have more than 1 Million users. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, TripHobo is now the world’s largest repository of user-generated itineraries and serves as one of the most flexible vacation-planning platforms to date.

What every wanderlust will love about TripHobo:

  • it contains travel information for more than 140,000 destinations and over a million points of interest
  • it has over a million hotels and other accommodations, about 50,000 various travel activities, and over 20,000 flights , all ready to be booked with a click on your device
  • it has a day-wise travel itinerary planner that includes a detailed scheduler to give you a bird’s eye view of how your trip will go and to help you maximize each day of your trip
  • it even has a built-in calculator in different currencies to help you budget for your travel adventure

Travel Planning With TripHobo

travel, travel apps, travel tips, mobile apps for the family, mobile apps
a 6-Day Japan itinerary sample

Like most apps and websites popular these days, the TripHobo website is easy enough to use. Here is the basic step-by-step guide on how you can plan your travel using the website or the app:

  1. In the itinerary planner tab, enter the destinations you want to visit
  2. Include the different cities you want to visit
  3. Choose modes of transportation for your trip. The site has the schedule for flights, as well as train times, for your utmost convenience. If you have pre-booked a flight, you can also add the details of that here.
  4. Ā Choose hotels or homestays {you can also book these accommodations through the Book Hotel tab or add a pre-booked one into your itinerary}
  5. If you are DIY-ing your travel, you can manually create a detailed day-by-day to-do list, where you can add different attractions, points of interest, restaurants, and other stops and locations to complete your itinerary. You also have the option to let the site do the planning for you by clicking on the Save & Suggest me a Plan button.
  6. Use the virtual map to find nearby spots of any location, too.
  7. Add and book activities and experiences in the destination.
  8. The itinerary planner also shows your trip cost to help you stay on top of your budget.
  9. Once done, you can print your itinerary or share it online.
  10. You can also click on the Group Planning Option to invite your friends or family so you can plan your trip together.

Easy-peasy, right? Download TripHobo on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to help you plan your next trip with the family.

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  1. Hey,…love your sharing here as I love to travel whenever I can. Am not aware of having a trip planner kind of website until reading your sharing here. This gonna be really useful for solo traveller, backpackers or those love to plan & travel on own instead of group tours. Gonna check it out šŸ˜€ Cheers, Siennylovesdrawing

  2. Iā€™ve heard of this trip planning site before though I havenā€™t gotten a chance to use it thoroughly because there werenā€™t much options about the Philippines back then. But what I like about this site is the trip planning feature. Also the way the itineraries are presented on the site. And because of that, user experience is promising.

  3. This is interesting! Although I don’t travel a lot, having something like this when I do is sure to make my trips smoother. This looks similar to Trello, na parang may boards din.

  4. We haven’t traveled for a while now. I have heard about travel apps a lot and this one is something that we can use once we set up anothe plan of getaway in the near future. Great to have all these and make traveling easier. I can even bf my baby while doing so.

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