Hello mums, how’ve you all been doing? I know I have not been sharing much here but I hope you enjoy these posts which are chock-full of tips and tricks about parenting, motherhood, and everything else in between.

I am sure life’s a tad busy with most mums, especially where we are, as the little ones are once again back to school. We are slowly getting back into the school routine in our own household. But there are times when Mondays will really get you down. And this morning is no exception. My little man was not his usual cheerful self and would rather skip school if he will get his way. In the end, I had to bathe him {since he has been bathing on his own since last summer and since the new school year started} and cheer him up, and yes, inspire him a little, so he would go to school. Hopefully, his mood will be much better later in the afternoon when he gets back from school.

Whilst I prepare his favorite, bulalo, for lunch, I also busy myself working on my deadline for the day before I tackle my chores and finish yet another deadline. So before I get all too preoccupied, here is a simple reminder for all of us to conquer those blues away and start Monday with positive vibes, and, yes, lots of coffee. Off to prepping my second cup as I publish this post.  :coffee:

Happy Monday, mums, and let us keep motivated!

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