Welcome August!

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Our most favorite month of all is here! The little man was too excited, in fact, that a few days before the month is here, he is already doing a countdown to his special day. We do not have anything special planned for his birthday but he did request to visit The Mind Museum again, so we will surely go there as long as the weather permits. I am also skipping personalized cakes this year and would opt for a more budget-friendly ready-made one available in one of the local bakeshops. He does not eat those, anyways, and would just really like to blow a cake on his special day as one of his birthday traditions. Whilst writing this, I am also making a mental note to search for birthday banners online or I’d probably just recycle one from his previous birthdays {you know, struggling to go minimalist and zero-waste at home}.

May we all have an awesome August and may we be open and welcoming to all the surprises and blessings it has in store for us! Happy August! :heart:

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