Tips + Tricks: Catering To Parents In Your Blog

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Blogging can be a lot of fun because you get to focus on something that interests you. It is especially appealing to parents because it is a way to share everything you learn as you navigate life with kids. Those that check in to read the blog are probably just as frustrated and sleep deprived as the writer. A community of parents online may be the only social activity a new mom gets during her first few months at home. Even working parents can feel isolated due to their new role as a parent. There are some specific ways to make sure your blog is a positive place for parents.


You may be a die-hard breastfeeding, stay-at-home mom, yet you want to be considerate with your content. You are naturally going to attract other moms with the same values. A blog with a narrowed down subject matter is usually more successful. This is one of the first things you learn when you research content about how to create a blog. It is important, however, to avoid negativity in your writing. You never know who is going to visit your site. You may attract people that are trying to learn about a breastfeeding lifestyle, for example. You do not want to have anything on your site that is demeaning to parents with other styles. As a blogger, you are in a great position to encourage and educate.


By the time a sleep deprived new mom makes it to her computer at the end of the day or during nap time, they may need advice fast! Create a supportive environment by encouraging comments and dialogue. Collaborate with another parent blogger for a chat session or guest blog. This can also help your readers to see that others are going through the same things they are. Sometimes parents are not looking for solutions as much as they are looking for support and a relief from isolation. Parents should feel better after they visit your page. Along with your informative posts, also offer encouraging and inspirational stories. Fist hand survival stories are great for helping parents cope with difficult parenting stages.

Make it Short

Most people can write for hours on their parenting experiences. Many parents, however, are busy, exhausted, and overscheduled. If they choose your blog to read in their small amount of spare time, you should be honoured. You may need to write your content then edit to make it more efficient. You can also add some links for those that want to read more on a certain subject. Bullet points are great for listing a lot of information without getting too wordy. Social media can be linked to your blog. Use these sites to leave short quotes, pictures, or a summary of the blog post.

Parenting is complicated. A parenting blog should be a haven for those that are exhausted and feeling alone. New parents especially are often in need of information on many things. This should be interspersed with successful parenting stories and personal experiences. A parent should leave your site feeling good about the adventure ahead.

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  1. Maintaining a blog gives us so many challenges already. But what more if a parent is the one doing blogging? All the technical aspects must be learned also aside from just writing at first. I admire parents who continue to learn new things and explore blogging more!

    1. Yes, it is, indeed, a never-ending learning process. I remember when I was just starting and had quite an information overload having to learn bits and pieces of blogging, including a bit of coding on Blogger and SEO.

  2. Hmm..while reading your sharing of tips & tricks of blogging, I am a bit struggle for the last one, keep it short! as you may observe I am quite long winded in my blogging, ha…Ha…will try to apply slowly ūüėÄ cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. Only when you are targeting parents in your blog posts as they are always busy and only have quite a short time to spare for reading blogs. Otherwise, to each his own and it is always a delight to read your long but very colorful and interesting posts! ^_^

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