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Mum Eats: Eatigo’s Delicious Discounts Brings You A Taste Of Manila’s Finest Classics

Priceless moments and affordable dining. There’s a reason why some popular restaurants remain timeless ~ one bite and you’re instantly taken aback to a happy memory. Maybe it’s your childhood party, a family gathering, a first date…either way, food has the magic to arouse emotions and create priceless moments. But dining doesn’t always need to …

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Money Matters: Three Times A Small Decision Rewrote History + Changed the World

As they say, humanity is a product of an infinitely unfolding number of decisions, what single decision of yours changed your life? Ever wondered what sparked some of the most momentous events in history? Most of the time, it’s conflict. But sometimes, they’re consequences of decisions made hastily, strategically, or emotionally. From an Indian lawyer …

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