Tips + Tricks: What Type Of Self-Defense Tools Are Right For Me?

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There are many types of self-defense tools being sold and they can be easily purchased from online self-defense stores. Choosing the right and proper self-defense weapon is important because it will not serve its purpose if we just buy and not know how to use the weapon effectively. Most self-defense weapons are straightforward and user-friendly, and doesn’t need any training to use them.

If I am a petite woman without any self-defense training, self-defense weapons such as the lightweight plastic key chain weapons, or the key chain pepper will be the right choice. These lightweight self-defense weapons are easy to use and can be conveniently carried around in our pockets, or attached to my handbag handle. These key chain weapons are cute, and no one would suspect that they are self-defense and tricks, women issues, products for women, safety at homeIf I am a strong woman who knows how to handle a defense stick, with just a flick of the stick, I can strike an attacker in the wrong place to temporarily immobilize him to give me enough time to get away to safety. Any ordinary stick that does not break easily can be used as a defense stick for personal protection for both women and men. The only thing is not to let the attacker wrestle the defense stick out of your hand and use it against us.A tactical baton is a kind of self-defense stick and these days, we have the expandable baton which is portable, and easy to carry around with us. When not in use, it can be retracted to fit nicely in our pocket, purse or briefcase. These batons range in size and features and most of them are lightweight. Expandable baton with flashlight will give us a clearer sight of the attacker for us to aim a powerful strike.


tips and tricks, women issues, products for women, safety at home

For my personal safety, I can get myself a compact taser and use it as a gun to immobilize attackers up to 15 feet away. A compact taser can also work as a stun gun if the attacker gets too close or when in direct contact. When this happens, I can just press the compact taser to stun the attacker, giving me enough time to get away from him before he can recover from his muscles spasms.

Mum’s Two Cents

The news on the telly about attacks on people and commuter and similar crimes are rather alarming. It is a wise decision for any woman to stash any of these self-defense tools in your purse or handbag, especially when you are out at night. It is good to know that we have an array of options to choose from and that we can easily purchase these products online.

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