Pawning For A Cause + My Very First Sangla Experience

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I never had a personal experience with pawning but I remember it clearly when my Mama would pawn whatever jewelry she and my Papa owned whenever we fall on hard times or her brood of five needs extra money for school projects and other expenses. In fact, there are a number of occasions when pawning helped make both ends meet for our big family with our Papa, an ordinary employee, as the only bread winner. Thankfully, now that I am a parent myself, there has never been any immediate financial need that would require me to pawn or get a loan.

It is true that there is a stigma surrounding pawning or what we call in our vernacular, pagsasangla, in our conservative Filipino culture. Some would speculate that you are probably neck-deep in debt or is simply too poor to opt for pawning. But in reality, and, in realization, as I just had my very first pawning experience, it is actually a very practical and wise way to get funds for emergency, for augmenting your inadequate budget, or, in my case, helping a charitable foundation, without resorting to getting a loan with big interests or borrowing from families and friends.

Pawning For A Cause

I have just tested firsthand how pawning can be practical, very reliable, and hassle-free.

I recently met with a mum blogger friend in an event and she mentioned about Hero Foundation, which she has supported numerous times being a military wife herself.

image from the Hero Foundation website,

According to their website, HERO or Help Educate and Rear Orphans is a non-stock and not-to-profit organization that provides “supplemental financial support for the AFP {Armed Forces of the Philippines} orphans. The support come in the form of stipends directly given to the families to help with the cost of books, uniform, meals, transportation, school supplies, and sometimes, even their tuition fees.”

Since December is almost upon us, I thought it would be a great idea to spread some Christmas cheer by donating to this foundation who helps educate and raise orphans of our fallen soldiers. I am certain that whatever amount I give will go a long way in providing for these children and in helping them have a brighter future. It is also some sort of a personal tradition to help and donate to causes and charities each year whenever I can, my own little way of sharing the blessings I continuously receive.

You can also help by sending your donations to:

Account Name: HERO Foundation, Inc.
Peso Account: SA # 0013-6263-32
US Dollar Account: SA # 003184-0434-31
Reference No.: Donors name or write ANONYMOUS

You may also donate via G-Cash, SMS, or BPI Online Banking. Aside from making a donation, you can also give scholarship or become a volunteer in order to help our heroes’ orphans. For more information on how to help, you may visit the Hero Foundation website.

My Very Own Sangla Challenge

I am a freelance WAHM who do not have a regular source of income and every amount that comes to my Paypal and bank account already have specific destinations in my money envelope {including monthly bills, school tuition, and the likes}. I wish I had extra money stashed somewhere, but I don’t. But this will not stop me from helping a charity.

I remember this ring I’ve had for years but never really worn. I am not much into jewelry and since I am mostly on child-minding duties, I feel no need to wear it. So, instead of just keeping it in its box to gather dust, I decided to pawn it and get extra fund for my charity of choice.

I went to the first pawn shop I ran into and had my ring checked. I learned that this process is called appraisal and this service is offered by most pawnshops around free of charge or with no obligation to pawn your jewelry to them. Unfortunately, the appraiser on the first pawnshop will not be back for the next hour since he was on break. That was rather inconvenient, especially if you are in such a hurry trying to pawn your belonging for emergency or urgent reasons.

I got quite a positive feedback from the next pawnshop I entered. My ring was appraised in no time but I was told that the gemstones are not included in the appraisal since they do not appraise gemstones in that branch. My ring was appraised at Php3,500. I thought that would be a waste as surely the number of gemstones on my ring would amount to something if they were included in the appraisal.

Finally, I went to a Cebuana Lhuillier branch where my ring was appraised for Php5,078, definitely a lot higher from that of the previous branch! So, I went in and pawned my ring. And did I mention my valuable was appraised right in front of me and I saw how the process took place with my own eyes? It would be scary for a first-timer to have your jewelry appraised elsewhere without you seeing it. For all you know, your precious ring might be just be replaced with something of lesser value, right?

filling out the Information Form

Afterwards, I was given a small slip of paper where the details of my item, along with the appraisal rate, are written.  I was also asked to present a valid ID and at that point I realized I made the right decision to opt for this pawnshop as they offer the utmost security for my valuable belonging.  I was told to wait for the cashier to process my application and call my name. I was called after a few minutes. I signed the receipt and got my cash. The entire process took me less than an hour to finish and I was able to bring home the cash on the same day.

Upon pawning, the assessor will seal  the item in a clear plastic container signed by the owner.

Here are the step-by-step guide on how to pawn at Cebuana Lhuillier:

  1. Have your jewelry appraised.
  2. Inform the assessor that you will proceed with pawning.
  3. Present a valid identification card.
  4. For first time pawners, fill out their Information Form.
  5. You will also be asked to sign a clear plastic container where your jewelry will be kept.
  6. The signed clear plastic will be sealed to ensure the safety of your jewelry.
  7. Now, all you have to do is wait for the cashier to call your name and give you the money.
  8. Sign the receipt or the papel de agencia.
  9. Receive and count your money and you’re done!

Make sure to keep your papel de agencia as you will need to present this upon claiming of your pawned items or if you only plan to renew the monthly maturity. Also, payment of maturity can be done in any branch so there is no need to return to the original branch where you pawn your stuff, so you can do it anytime with such convenience.

I never imagined it will be this easy and convenient to pawn and get extra cash for unexpected expenses. Compared to applying for a loan that may take a few days or weeks depending on the bank or lending company you go to, pawning is rather a walk in the park and you even get the fund you need within the day.

Why opt for Cebuana Lhuillier, you ask?

  1. Safety and Security ~ They have air-conditioned branches with guards and keep pawned items in sealed and signed plastics to ensure the security of your valued jewelry.
  2. Highest Appraisal ~ you get the highest appraisal here which means you will get a much bigger take home pay.
  3. Convenience and accessibility ~ they have around 2,500 branches all over the country and even has priority lanes for those who plan to pawn, aptly captured by their witty catchphrase, “basta sangla, walang pila,” which says that if you are pawning, you do not need to fall in line. Apart from pawning services, they also offer bill payment, as well as remittance and micro-financing services.

To know more about the company and the services they offer, do visit or Cebuana Lhuillier on Facebook.

Mum’s Two Cents

It is high time the stigma surrounding pawning ends. It is actually a practical, responsible, and a very grown-up thing to do. The one who pawns, after all, does not simply do so to get additional cash, but they pawn in order to provide for their families, extend a loved one’s life, help make their children’s dreams come true, and, in some cases, help other people’s dreams come true. I am thankful that even though I am not really well off, I can still afford to donate and help out those in need by pawning a valuable item. Donating and helping charities, after all, is not only for the wealthy, even ordinary individuals can also help in whatever way we can.

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  1. Ang laki ng difference ng appraisal nila ano? Mas maganda talaga na mag invest sa gold jewelries para sa kagipitan o may gusto ka tulungan at wala kang cash on hand, may madali kang makukuhanan. Good job for donating to Hero Foundation.

    1. Totoo! I was never into investing on gold jewelries but I have since had a change of heart. Yes, sobrang dali na makahanap ng extra cash if you need it. Hopefully, I can do this yearly 🙂

  2. I was also very much against pawning. I did realize it’s usefulness though and the higher appraisal right is great.

  3. I haven’t personally tried pawning but Cebuana Lhuillier is really a good company to go to when in comes to these things. I personally use their remittance service and it’s always a breeze.

  4. I have not tried pawning anything ever, but I know my mom did so when I was younger. She needed money asap and dad’s salary.was not until month end. It was a good way to make ends meet.

  5. I like the message you would want to impart. That the stigma or negative thinking about pawning would soon end. I also experienced it just last week and from the experience learned that pawning isnt something to be ashamed of. It is a noble act especially if the intention is for a good cause.

  6. I haven’t tried pawning so I have no idea how it works. Hehe. I have to agree with you though. There is nothing wrong with pawning items. Sometimes, we have to do certain things for our family.

  7. when times are tought i wanted to do this too. kaso im scared. will i get back my item? what if i wont get to pay on time? how does payment work ba? na interested tuloy ako haha

    1. Do not be scared mommy. As long as you go to a pawnshop where you are confident to entrust your valuables, like Cebuana. Also, you can pay the monthly interests only, if in case you cannot afford to pay the item in full just yet. This can be done each month until finally meron ka na pang full payment. With Cebuana, you can also pay the interest in any branch, no need na to go to the original branch where you pawn your items.

  8. Pawning for me was a no-no, as my grandmother would definitely scold me if I’ve fallen on hard times and had to pawn off jewelry since most of my jewelry I inherited from her.?

    However, I agree with you, it is a very grown up and responsible thing to do, very convenient also, especially if you need immediate cash.

    I’ve never tried pawning but whenever I get new jewelry from my grandma, I have it appraised just so I know how much it’s worth hehe

    I never thought that pawn shops have different appraisal rates, so my jewelry in Cebuana can be worth more? That’s good to know, thanks for the info!?

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