Thankful Thursday: Of Giving + Gratitude

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As the adage says, “for it is in giving that we receive.” And it is true. Notice how happier you feel when you were able to give to someone compared to when you are the one receiving? I guess giving expands our hearts and our joys and we ought to make a habit out of it. We do not really need to give material things, in fact, the simplest things make the most impact, if you ask me. Undivided time and attention for your children, affection and service for your partner, a homemade dish for your friend or neighbor, a simple “Thank you” for the attentive guard or sales staff. There are so many ways we can give to others and we do ourselves a great favor by doing so.

This week, I am ever grateful for:

:heart: the cooler weather signalling the arrival of the Christmas season
:heart: surprises in the mail
:heart: the weekend fast approaching
:heart: my little man journaling
:heart: binge watching Lost on Netflix
:heart: family time
:heart: time with my nephew
:heart: visiting my parents at the memorial
:heart: my new BDJ 2019 planner
:heart: exchanging stories with my dear friend from miles away
:heart: the new 21-Day Meditation from Deepak Chopra that my little one always looks forward to
:heart: tiny blooms in my potted plants that surely adds colors to my days :rose:
:heart: my ever trusty washing machine. {Sometimes, I forget how Fuzzy makes my life oh so easy and convenient. I recently hand-washed a handful of laundry and ended up with a sore shoulder. I swear I am never doing that again and would just leave Fuzzy to do his job :smile:}

What are you thankful for today? :heart:

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