Children: Tips for Dressing Your Flower Girl
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Looking for wedding dresses for you, the bridal party, and the flower girls is quite a task. You have to ensure that everything is going well according to plan. The flower girl must look beautiful for the day just like you. Mostly, the role of the flower girl is to sprinkle flower petals to welcome the bride as she walks down the aisle. When choosing a dress for her, you have to consider her age and body size among other factors:

1. Picking Her Dress

Most flower girls are dressed almost like the bride.They are mostly dressed in to match with the brides dress. However, this is not a must. You can pick her any other color dress. Ensure that she is comfortable with the dress and that she likes it too. Do not pick a dress that is too tight or too long or short.

2. Consider the Age

Consider picking the age appropriate dress for the flower girls. Age is an important factor when picking the flower girl dresses. For instance, pick a shorter dress for a younger girl, this is because she is learning to walk and she might get tangled and fall if she wears a too long dress. For the older and taller girls, you can pick a dress that is longer to the floor length. She will look more beautiful on the longer dress compared to a short dress.

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3. Consider the Fabric

The flower girls are aged from three up to eight years. Pick a fabric that is not too heavy for them or one that do not suit kids clothing’s. There are plenty of cheap flower girl dresses with nice fabric that is suitable for her. Consider a fabric that will not wear or tear off quickly, since she will wear that dress for a long time after the wedding. Consider a fabric that does not fold too much especially when she sits.

4. The Weather

You need to get a comfortable dress for the flower girl according to the weather. She can wear a nice short sleeved or spaghetti straps dress for a warm weather such as summer. During the winter, let her wear warm clothes but cute for the wedding. If it is cold she can rock her wedding dress, but let her wear warm stockings, warm cotton inner clothes and a sweater in line with the theme of the wedding.

5. Comfortable Shoes

Remember the flower girl should be comfortable. As a child she is not used to wearing high heels. Let her wear flat and perfect shoes. High heels or uncomfortable shoes will hurt her feet and she will not be comfortable. This might affect the delivering her role well.

You can schedule a date together and go shopping for her dress. You can pick a wide selection of dresses and let her pick from your selection. She will be happy knowing she chose her own wedding dress. This day will make her happy as much as you.

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