Mum Inspires: Begin Your Week Right With Positive Vibes

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Indeed, nothing beats positivity in jump-starting a new week and dictating how the rest of the week will fare, and this first Monday of February seems promising. I was even done with a number of things I set out to do for the day and it was not even noontime!

The last month seemed to have dragged on and this mum was usually either too lazy or too cold to do anything. I did have a slow start and on some days I can almost trick myself into thinking it was just a trial period and that 2019 would officially start in February! ­čśÇ

But this month is proving to be an entirely different story and I am feeling more energetic and excited. I hope I will also be more apt in updating the blog and posting on a regular basis, which is one of the things I intend to do this year. I am also planning to have another giveaway this month and I am thinking more of giving a prize to my “most active follower/reader” here and on our FB Page. I hope you stay tuned for that! ­čśÇ

In the mean time, here’s hoping you had an awesome Monday and an equally awesome week. ­čÖé

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