Mum Inspires: On Gratitude + Respect Towards Others

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These words from the Dalai Lama are so simple yet ring so true. If we, indeed, practice gratitude and thankfulness, we will have a solid sense of respect towards others.

This week I am grateful for:

:heart: my new succulents thriving
:heart: relaxed afternoon with my boys
:heart: enjoying films at home with my little couch potato
:heart: completing the Anne of Green Gables book series {all 7 of them} very soon
:heart: the 21-Day Meditation with Oprah and Deepak returning on the 25th
:heart: summer is here! :sun:
:heart: new seeds to plant with my little man this summer
:heart: blooms in my tiny garden
:heart: summer break that is coming soon
:heart: Ube Jam and other pasalubong from Baguio
:heart: more earning opportunities for the blogs
:heart: quiet mornings for some much-needed me-time
:heart: having the time to visit Mama and Papa over the weekend
:heart: another batch of episodes for translation work
:heart: chatting with a dear friend from across the miles
:heart: finishing another book to keep up with my reading challenge for this year {making a mental note to blog about this next}

How about you, what are you thankful for today? :heart:

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