Mum Eats: John Lloyd Cruz Returns With Turks Pita Doner

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John Lloyd Cruz First Endorsement Appearance After 2 Years. Is he coming back to the limelight?

Have you also seen the huge billboard along EDSA and guessed right away that the ruggedly-looking guy in the intriguing ad is John Lloyd Cruz?

Photos and videos of matinee idol John Lloyd Cruz have been surfacing after being on hiatus from the showbusiness since 2017.

Cruz, one of the most bankable actors of the Philippine cinema and a very effective endorser, once again proved that his fans are still waiting for his return. In a teaser video, which lasted only for a few seconds and only shows the back shot of Cruz’s, and posted in the Facebook page of the number one selling shawarma Turks a few weeks ago had been viewed 3.2M times. It was also shared almost 800 times and gained a huge number of comments.

Without any clue in that teaser video, his fans already assumed that it was him in the video. Actress Bea Alonzo on her Instagram also posted a screenshot of that teaser video, which garnered almost a million likes.

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Consumer + Technology: Samsung Unveils First Real QLED 8K TV In The Philippines

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The new Samsung QLED 8K TV is introduced in the Philippines

Samsung, on its 13th consecutive year of producing the world’s No.1 TV, has Introduced its QLED 8K TV in the Philippines. The QLED 8K TV gives consumer’s a brand new, never-before-seen experience of premium quality television screens. The product’s Philippine launch started with an exclusive event at The Fifth ballroom in Rockwell last April 25, 2019

The QLED 8K TV features a new Quantum Processor 8K, which can produce images in greater detail and depth, in 7.680 x 4,320 resolution. Available in super large sizes of 75-, 82-. and 98inch screens, with over 33 million pixels, the QLED 8K TV provides an experience that becomes fully immersive and pristine, as films and TV shows are meant to be seen.

“Over the past years, what we watch, when we watch, and how we watch has fundamentally changed.” said Lauro Guevara, head of product marketing for Samsung TV and Audio. “Today, more consumers are looking to enjoy their favorite content on larger and smarter screens, with minimal image noise, for a viewing experience that is almost true-to-Iife.”


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Mum Inspires: New Strengths With Each New Morning

Indeed, each new morning is so much like a clean slate. It comes with a new sunrise along with new possibilities. It also comes with new strengths and new inspirations to tackle the day ahead.

Today, may you find the encouragement and the inspiration you are looking for to go about with your day. Do not forget to have a good one! :rainbow:

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Mum’s Two Cents: The Importance Of Cooperation Between The PNP + LGUS

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Philippine National Police {PNP} Chief General Oscar Albayalde

PNP + LGU In the News

I read an Inquirer News article about the Philippine National Police {PNP} Chief General Oscar Albayalde talking about a city mayor who behaved childishly. The mayor was said to be irked because he was not informed of the promotion of the city’s current Chief of Police and the appointment of a new acting chief of police. He was also reported to have withdrawn support for the local policemen and cancelled a day’s worth of gas allowance for police mobiles.

National Capital Region Police Offce {NCRPO} Chief Major General Guillermo Eleazar confirmed later on that the government official who made such “childish acts” is Marikina City Mayor Marcelino Teodoro.

mum's two cents, Philippines Today, news, current issues
National Capital Region Police Offce {NCRPO} Chief Major General Guillermo Eleazar

According to our law, a mayor can appoint a local Chief of Police from a list of candidates recommended by the PNP. In accordance to this law, the PNP can also assign an OIC before the mayor appoints a permanent chief of police. Albayalde also added that the law does not mandate the PNP to inform local officials regarding reassignment of the chiefs of police in their areas.

Childish Acts are Unacceptable

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