Mum Inspires: Of Gratitude + Prayers

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I would like to believe that gratitude is synonymous to praying. If we practice gratitude in our daily life, it is so much like saying a prayer. So much like giving thanks to our Creator for all the blessings He has bestowed on us. And, to be honest, there is simply an abundance of blessings, an abundance of things to be grateful for around us. With a shift in our perspective, we can see things in an entirely different light and we shall never run out of things to be grateful for.

Again, I am sharing a gratitude quote from Deepak and Oprah’s 21-Day Meditation Experience. This time, the general theme is all about gratitude and grace. A very timely reminder if you ask me. I enjoy doing them before bed with the little man. Usually, I would meditate again in the morning while my son is in school. But, since he is on summer break, I only get to meditate once. Quiet time around here is a bit scarce on summer. But, hey I am not complaining. It is a joy to be around my bossy little Avenger addict. I do miss him on occasions when he is in school!

This week, I am ever grateful for:

:rainbow: my plants thriving
:rainbow: convos with my ever-loyal friend
:rainbow: lazy afternoons at home
:rainbow: getting back my blogging muse {about time since the blog is in dire need of updates. I hope to update the other blogs in the next weeks, too}.
:rainbow: the gift of gratitude and meditation
:rainbow: coffee {yes, even in this heat and not even iced. Although, I try my best to settle for tea for late-night cuppa}.
:rainbow: my little one doing his drawing drills
:rainbow: rediscovering 3 Idiots and enjoying it this time with my little couch potato. He found it hilarious! ūüėÄ
:rainbow: slowly finishing chores {they stack up and endlessly pile up even during the summer, right?}
:rainbow: tiny blooms in my flower pots
:rainbow: Netflix {for budget-friendly film binge-watching at home. Am totally loving the idea of re-watching old-time faves, especially the Disney ones}

What are you grateful for today? :rainbow:

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