Mum’s Two Cents: The Good Cops + The Bad Cops In PNP

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The Bad Cops

The number of policemen making the news for doing something illegal is really a cause for alarm. Recently, Police Cpl. Marlo Quibete was nabbed for extorting money from a buy-bust suspect. In another headline, Police Officer 1 Ferdinand Rafael was accused of peddling illegal drugs.

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Police Cpl. Marlo Quibete getting a scolding from NCRPO Chief Director Eleazar

As these unscrupulous policemen appeared in the news, so did NCRPO {National Capital Region Police Office} Chief  Director Guillermo Eleazar. Oftentimes, you would see him scolding these wayward policemen. In another occasion, he simply lost his patience and got physical while giving one cop a lecture for his wrongdoing. I understand the outburst and I can only imagine his frustrations.

The police have sworn to protect the people and uphold peace and order in our country. But what happens when these people tasked to protect us meddled in drugs or illegal activities? Can they keep the public’s trust by getting involved in the things from which they are duty-bound to protect us?

mum's two cents, news, Philippines today, current issues

NCRPO Chief Eleazar only wanted to maintain the good image of our policemen in order to keep the public’s confidence. I commend him for all the efforts he is exerting in order to keep the police force free of scalawags and corrupt officials. Keeping this good image is the only way the public will continue to trust in the police, cooperate with them, and support their efforts to solve crimes in our country.

The Good Cops

mum's two cents, news, Philippines today, current issues
Police awardees

Of course, the police are not just making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. From time to time, you will hear stories of heroism and kindness, as well as of policemen performing above and beyond the call of duty. Indeed, there are also good cops who make the news for performing dutifully and are rewarded for their commendable efforts.

Among those who recently received Medalya ng Kagalingan include Police Chief Inspector Sandie Caparroso, Police Chief Inspector Alfonso Saligumba III, SPO2 Emilio Aboyolen, PO3 Mario Maramag, PO2 Marlon Ico, PO2 Raymund John Sansano, PO1 Eustaquio Nuarin II, PO1
Francis Miko Bose, PO1 Rodel Sibal, PO1 Marvin Fang-asan, PO1 Roy Uanan, PO1 Eddie-son Galpao.

mum's two cents, news, Philippines today, current issues
PO1 Arman Rocha Canezares was shot while performing his duties in Pasay City. 

There are also good cops who put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect. Take the case of PO3 Christina Villanueva and PO1 Arman Rocha Canezares, for instance. They were injured in Pasay City while performing their duties.

Mum’s Two Cents

In my opinion, there is really no excuse for policemen getting involved in illegal drugs and other crimes. They must be the first ones to follow the law since they are also the same people tasked to uphold these laws. But I also believe in good policemen, those who only want to do their job and perform their tasks conscientiously and responsibly. To serve the people and our country.

The efforts made by the authorities, specifically NCRPO Chief Eleazar to rid the police force of these corrupt and unethical officers are laudable. May he continue to clean the police ranks leaving only those with good performance and clean records.

Do you agree with NCRPO Chief Eleazar’s efforts like I do?

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