Mum’s Two Cents: The Importance Of Cooperation Between The PNP + LGUS

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Philippine National Police {PNP} Chief General Oscar Albayalde

PNP + LGU In the News

I read an Inquirer News article about the Philippine National Police {PNP} Chief General Oscar Albayalde talking about a city mayor who behaved childishly. The mayor was said to be irked because he was not informed of the promotion of the city’s current Chief of Police and the appointment of a new acting chief of police. He was also reported to have withdrawn support for the local policemen and cancelled a day’s worth of gas allowance for police mobiles.

National Capital Region Police Offce {NCRPO} Chief Major General Guillermo Eleazar confirmed later on that the government official who made such “childish acts” is Marikina City Mayor Marcelino Teodoro.

mum's two cents, Philippines Today, news, current issues
National Capital Region Police Offce {NCRPO} Chief Major General Guillermo Eleazar

According to our law, a mayor can appoint a local Chief of Police from a list of candidates recommended by the PNP. In accordance to this law, the PNP can also assign an OIC before the mayor appoints a permanent chief of police. Albayalde also added that the law does not mandate the PNP to inform local officials regarding reassignment of the chiefs of police in their areas.

Childish Acts are Unacceptable

Mayor Teodoro may have sensible reasons for withdrawing support to the local police force. He may have also realized the err of his ways thereby returning the gas allocation the next day, albeit sliced to just a third of the regular allocation.

What the good mayor may have overlooked are the would-be consequences of his actions. They are simply unacceptable and when you are tasked to oversee the security, safety, and well-being of the people you serve, there is just no room for childish acts.

That being said, the local government units and the PNP ought to work hand-in-hand to maintain peace and order in the communities they serve. Cooperation and open communication is a must in order for them to succeed. This will give the people a sense of security knowing that both branches of government are one in their cause to serve the public better.

Mum’s Two Cents

Our LGUs and the PNP are both tasked to serve and protect the Filipino public. It is important to project an image of solidarity and cooperation. It gives the people a sense of comfort knowing that government officials work with the police force to deliver top-notch service.

The police may have a budget allocation of their own, but they still need the support of the local government to augment their funds in order to serve better.  They needed all the help they can get from the LGUs in order to fight crimes and run after law-breaker

I fervently hope that such childish acts will not be repeated.

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  1. such childish act is very common in gov’t agencies becuase of the reason that others had been put into that position or transferred into a certain location becuase of the so called “backer” in any gov’t offices. . . just saying based on my experience . . a sad reality in gov’t offices that I hope will be put into end

    1. I guess bureaucracy is to blame, as well the corruption that is seemed ingrained in our government. Hopefully, the new officials will put an end to all those.

  2. Well, as a courtesy, I think the new police chief should visit the mayor. After all the city police chief and the chief executive work together for the peace and order of the city. If he was offended, there was no need for all the things he did because it does not reflect well on him

  3. Wow, this is the 3rd blog post I read about this issue! Grabe pala talaga ang impact nya. Come to think of it, childish acts like this and coming from local government leaders, is one of the reasons kaya di umuunlad ang bansa natin. I hope they shape up.

  4. the local government and pnp should be working together, after all at the end of the day they have the same goal, that is to serve the people and protect their interest. Stop being childish you people in the government seat!

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