Mum Eats: 12 Most Expensive Restaurant Breakfasts Around The World

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Although a giant hamburger with fries or a delicious brownie with ice cream sounds like the most incomparable delicacy in the world, other dishes cross the border between good taste, quality, and cost. Believe it or not, there are foods as expensive as a jewel thanks to their rarity and even some which are made with gold. However, to afford the stuff you must have big pockets or money. So to ease your food finances, we recommend looking for some free giveaways and discount coupons which could be found here on this link.

Here are some of the most costly breakfasts available all over the world:

  1. Abalone
food musings, food, mum eats

 It is a typical seafood in China, and its price reaches 173 thousand dollars per kilo. It is enjoyed as a delicacy because of its spectacular taste and is very high in demand.

  1. Golden Bagel

It is served at the Westin Hotel in New York and is filled with white truffle cream, low goji jam and garnished with pieces of real gold. It is estimated that its price is $ 1,000.

This sure is the most expensive breakfast in history.

  1. Caviar Souls

It is originally from Iran and is also known as the “white caviar.” It is only available at the Caviar House & Pruner in London, and the price varies between $ 25 thousand and 35 thousand dollars. Talk about a dent in the wallet, am I right?

By the way, as if the gold flecks weren’t enough already, the tin is bathed in gold. Isn’t that fancy.

  1. Samundari Khazana

It is a dish that combines curry and several of the most expensive foods in the world such as, for example, Abalone truffle, partridge eggs, Scottish lobster, Devon crab, Beluga caviar and gold leaf. The price of this exotic dish is 3.200 dollars and is available at the Bombay Brasserie in London. It translates to “treasure from the sea” and we have got to say, it lives up to the expectations set by the name itself!

  1. Frittata
food musings, food, mum eats

A delicious lobster frittata served at Norman’s located at the Le Parker Meridian hotel in New York. It is served with a good amount of caviar, and they say that, although it is on the menu, they have only served it about twelve times.

The price is $ 1,000.

  1. Matsutake

They are simple mushrooms, but scarce and in danger of extinction. They are found in some areas of Japan, China, and Korea and valuable for their intense and exquisite aroma. The price varies by $ 600 and $ 1,000 per kilo.

  1. Swallow’s nests

They say it’s a delicacy and they’re made from bird saliva. They are tough to obtain, and that is why the price is around 3 thousand dollars per kilo.

  1. Pizza Louis XIII

It is only served by order or at home. All its ingredients, besides the dough, is prepared 72 hours before by a group formed by the chef Renato Viola. Take Norwegian lobster, three types of caviar and delicious mozzarella cheese. The cost is 12 thousand dollars.

  1. Berco’s popcorn
food musings, food, mum eats

They consist of Vermont butter, Laeso salt, organic sugar, bourbon vanilla, and 23-carat gold pieces. These miniatures cost 250 dollars for 400 grams.

  1. Japanese veal or wagyu

The cows receive relaxing treatments so that their meat, when cut, is exceptionally soft. Its cost is 2,800 dollars per kilo, but it also gets much cheaper at certain times.

  1. Densuke pin

They are grown in Japan and are quite limited. They are very rare due to their exquisite taste and cost around $ 6,100.

  1. 666 Burger

As indicated by its name, it costs 666 dollars and is served in New York. It contains Kobe meat covered with gold leaf and also brings foie gras, lobster, truffle, caviar, Gruyere cheese melted with champagne, and Kopi Luwak coffee barbecue sauce.

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