Mum Inspires: Of Gifts + Gratitude

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If we only knew where to look, we’d realize that there are so many gifts in life we have to be grateful for.

This week I am grateful for:

:rainbow: good results of my check-up {Thank you, Universe, for a clean bill of health!}
:rainbow: finishing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and looking forward to watching the new season {after binge-watching for a few weeks with my little Marvel enthusiast!}
:rainbow: Designated Survivor new season
:rainbow: my parcel from Japan!
:rainbow: precious time with my boys :heart:
:rainbow: my Mommy Lhey Little Bits Kit
:rainbow: my little man going back to school {can’t believe I now have a fourth-grader}
:rainbow: Samgyupsal lunchdate with my siblings
:rainbow: going back to our normal now that school is finally back
:rainbow: catching up on precious zzzzz
:rainbow: new pair of earrings from my sister, Cel
:rainbow: more me-time {hoping to catch up with my planner and journal}
:rainbow: more earning opportunities for the blog

What are you grateful for today? :heart:

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