Money Matter: Personal Items That Do Not Need To Be Expensive

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You may already be earning money, but this doesn’t mean you should buy the most expensive items to prove you’re a responsible adult. It’s more responsible to work with a budget and be aware of your spending limits. You don’t need to prove anything to other adults. Those who have been in your current situation understand that there’s a learning curve and that you have to slowly work on your belongings before you can confidently say you’ve got everything figured out.

With that said, let’s look at some items you can buy as part of your adult life without necessarily costing an arm and a leg.

Toners and Makeup Pads

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When you look at products such as face toner online, one of the first things you’ll notice is the range of prices. There are toners that are inexpensive and there are toners that come with a hefty price tag. The truth is, you don’t need the most expensive toners to get the job done. If you look carefully at the ingredients list, you can find a toner that works especially for your skin type without it ruining your budget. The same thing can be said about makeup pads. There are makeup remover pads you can buy for a good price, while those from well-known makeup brands can cost a little more. The price difference can be because of the technology they used to create the pads, but even a simple cotton ball can work if you already have a good toner to begin with.


money matter, tips and tricks,money talks, money talks, budget and saving tips

As a young adult, you want to feel posh about your eating situation, especially after spending a lot of time on Instagram. Everyone seems to have the most beautiful plates and table arrangements, while you’re stuck in your dollar store plates. There’s nothing wrong with that. There are cheap but beautiful plates you can use to spice up your dinner arrangement, but it’s even better if you can just keep a clear table and enjoy your meal without worrying about how it will look to others. You do not need to overshare on social media, and if you’re overthinking every item in your home, this is a sign that you need to be offline a little more. Eating should be about the food, not the aesthetics your plate brings to your Instagram feed.


money matter, tips and tricks,money talks, money talks, budget and saving tips

Just as eating is not about the price of the plates you use, reading is not about the bookcases. This should be about the books you own ~ and whether or not you read them at all. Social media can make you feel like you should own hundreds of books to be valid, but if you don’t read them, they’re not exactly adding value to your life. You’re better off taking this time to read just to enrich your mind and to spend some quality time with yourself. Your books can be stacked up on your table or they can even be in your phone in the form of e-books, as long as they truly benefit you. Sure, fancy and quirky bookcases look good when your friends visit, but if you want them and can’t afford them, consider a DIY project instead. You can find very affordable wooden sheets and cut-to-size boards at Cut My Plastic.

Adulting is not about upgrading to every expensive item you can find. Be a better shopper and invest your money in the right products instead.

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