Mum Inspires: Of Gratitude + Sweetness

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How are you mums?

It has been rather silent here the past couple of weeks. You see, this mum was preoccupied preparing the little man’s reviewer for his First Quarterly Exams. Glad that exam week is now over and we are enjoying an extra free day. It is the 441st Founding Day of the Province of Bulacan and we are enjoying a local holiday. Perfect for catching up on my laundry especially that the weather is getting better these days. 😀

I guess you will agree with the quote above. After all, if you have gratitude in your heart, such sweetness will overflow and shine through your eyes and out into the world, right?

For this week, I am thankful for the following:

:rainbow: the little man’s postcards from Canada
:rainbow: finishing GOT episodes, finally! 😀
:rainbow: the moringa branch we salvaged from a neighbor {I cannot wait to plant it and harvest its leaves for the little man’s tinola}
:rainbow: the little man’s ASHR medal
:rainbow: long weekends! :heart:
:rainbow: catching up with a dear friend from across the miles
:rainbow: getting a new shower caddy at half the price
:rainbow: books on sale for only Php99 each!
:rainbow: sunshine :sun:
:rainbow: my Guyabano sprouts
:rainbow: coffee from my sis :coffee:
:rainbow: catching up with my sis, Cel
:rainbow: new eco-friendly products to try
:rainbow: extra zzzz time
:rainbow: relaxing at home with my little man
:rainbow: earning opportunities for the blog
:rainbow: finishing Rurouni Kenshin Volumes 1-5, finally! 😀

What are you grateful for today? :heart:

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