Mum Inspires: Do Each Thing Calmly + Carefully

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Mums are so prone to this. With lots of things we need to do, there are really times when there is hardly enough hours in a single day to do everything that needs to be done. You’d often find yourself wishing there are more than 24 hours in your day so you can finish everything you have set out to do for that particular day. I guess we somehow take pride in the busyness and dabbled in the chaos thinking it was all part of a mum’s daily life. We take pride in being busy, in spinning like tops, spreading ourselves thin between chores, child-minding, and other duties and responsibilities we need to perform.

I used to think that way, too. Until I realized that the chores will never end and that no one will berate me {well, apart from myself, that is!} for not finishing the dishes on time. I had to step back from the busyness and the chaos and remind myself of my why. I realized that it is okay to put some things on my to-do list off for another day if I need a break, if I need to breathe. In doing so, I can keep my calm and focus on the task at hand. That way, I can be more productive and be ready for my most important duty ~ being a mother to my little man.

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