Money Matters + Clay Advisors: 5 Tips On How To Get Better At Managing Your Money

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The beginning of the year is always the best time to evaluate your spending habits and money management skills, as well as formulating ways and making plans to get better at managing your finances. This is most ideal especially if you have plans for the year that would require spending or saving up big amounts of money and/or investing your hard-earned money.

Create A Budget

Creating a budget and making a list of all your incomes, savings, and expenditures is a fool-proof way of tracking your finances. It primarily serves as a record of where all your money went and gives you a clear picture of your financial situation. This written record will allow you to better monitor your finances, thereby making money management a whole lot easier.

Plan Those Purchases

Whether you have major purchase plans for the year, like buying a house or a new car, or simply doing the groceries weekly, it is best to plan your purchases ahead in order to see how you can regularly set aside a fixed amount for the said expenses. Creating such will also allow you to schedule major purchases around those dates when you are expecting bigger income or additional bonuses while relegating smaller or regular purchases on dates when smaller amounts of money are coming in.

If you are planning to buy a new house, using calculator apps like the one found at will also be effective in helping you plan and prepare your budget for this major purchase.

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Research, research, research

It always pays to do your research. Whether you plan to invest extra money or splurge on something expensive, it is best to have sufficient knowledge about the new stocks you want to invest in or the product you are about to buy. Read as much as you can, ask around, and educate yourself. Proper knowledge will serve as your guide to make sound decision and eliminate risk of wasting your money.

Pay In Cash

Always pay in cash whenever you shop. That way you will eliminate extra or hidden charges which can be the case if you pay using your credit card. Swiping your card may be handy and convenient but doing so may just lead to more debts which can be detrimental to your plans to save up money or improve your money management skills.

Practice Minimalism

Practicing minimalism will not only help you get rid of a lot of clutter at home and in your life, but it will also help you save a whole lot of money. When you are a minimalist, you will never go out to do mindless shopping, splurging on items on sale that would only end up in your closet unused. Instead, it will encourage you to spend only on what is essential, basic clothing, food, lodging, and the likes. Being a minimalist will not only help you organize your stuff, thereby making your life more zen, but it will also allow you to evaluate your spending habit and make you spend your money wisely.

Money Management With Clay Advisors

It is but imperative to have a trusted and reliable partner to help you with managing your finances. If you need professional help to track your expenses, monitor your savings, or build up your investment portfolio, it will be advisable to hire the services of experts like Clay Advisors to help you ensure your financial success.

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