Saw this quote on the yoga app I am using and it is quite timely for my gratitude post. Indeed, starting our day with gratitude results to a much better day. Focusing on those things that light us up, like the birds chirping outdoors, the cold weather, time spent with our loved ones, will bring more joy and happiness.

For this week, I am thankful for:

:heart: time spent on the mat

:heart: the 21-Day Meditation on Perfect Health by Deepak and Oprah

:heart: catching up with friends from across the miles

:heart: catching up with College buddies

:heart: tiny blooms in my potted plants

:heart: Make It With You

:heart: my little man burying his head on his books

:heart: Jared reading and finishing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

:heart: earning opportunities for the blogs

:heart: my new I Heart Suki 2020 Daybook courtesy of my sister

:heart: catching up with a yoga-loving friend

What are you grateful for today?

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