Parenting 101: 7 Ways To Raise Eco-Friendly Children

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Raising eco-friendly children has never become a necessity until today. With all the environmental issues we are facing, it is a must that we raise children to be more conscious about nature and the planet.

Although getting children to care about their surrounding may seem like a daunting task, it is highly doable. In fact, there are many simple ways to nurture the little ones’ interest in nature. Here are a few easy ways to help you in raising eco-friendly children:

Show them how to Save Water

Children learn by imitation and the best way to teach them to do something is by showing them. When you lecture them about saving water, show them how it is done. Show them how to save water by using a glass when brushing their teeth. You can also demonstrate the proper way of using the shower and saving water while taking a bath.

Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet is an effective way to encourage empathy and responsibility in children. It is also a practical way to get them to care for nature. It might be a major decision for the family, but you can start by adopting a hamster or a rabbit. You can move on to adopting bigger pets, like a cat or a dog, when your child is older.

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Expose them to their Surrounding

There are plenty of ways on how to expose your child to their surrounding. You may go on a trip to the nearby park or watch the birds or other animals in the neighborhood. You can also go on afternoon walks or even start your own garden. Any activity that may pique their interest about nature is a good way to set them up for an eco-friendly mindset.

Teach them about Recycling at Home

A child’s interest in caring for the environment always begins at home. As early as possible, teach them about the concept of recycling. Give them age-appropriate tasks or chores so they can learn about the process as much as they can. Teaching them simple things, like segregating paper from other waste material or eco-bricking, will go a long way. You can also read online articles on how to reduce waste at home together.

Adapt a Minimalist Lifestyle

Exposing children to a minimalist lifestyle is a good way to teach them to be environment-conscious. Explain to them that buying less things means having less to throw away and consuming less energy. This is a good practice to help save the environment.

Do the Talk

Our children pays more attention to our actions than to our words. It is important to do the talk and provide a good example your little ones can imitate. Make sure to practice what you teach so you can encourage them to do the same thing.

Learn about being Eco-Friendly Together

There is nothing more encouraging to children than doing something with a grown up. Learn about eco-friendly concepts together. Read tips on how to help save the environment together. Or you can watch videos on renewable energy or visit relevant websites, like Douglas Healy, together.

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