5 Ways To Fight Stress During The Covid-19 Outbreak

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The news about the coronavirus outbreak is enough to stress anyone, especially mums. After all, we not only worry about ourselves, but more so about our children and our family. Most countries have declared lock-downs. Even our president placed Luzon under enhanced community quarantine. The pandemic has suspended classes and closed down a number of establishments. Along with it the disruption of our normal day-to-day activities. We live in such difficult times that it is a must that we not only watch out for our physical health but also keep tabs on our mental condition. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to fight stress during the Covid-19 outbreak:

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Reading is a good way to fight stress during the Covid-19 outbreak. Read the books you have hoarded but never found the time to. If you do not have a stock of printed books, you can also go online for free e-books. Famed author Paulo Coelho is offering Brida, Manuscripts Found In Accra, and other books for free download. Feast Books, a local publication, is also offering a Bo Sanchez e-book for free download. In addition, you can also read articles on how to care for yourself in this time of pandemic, like this one from Tiny Buddha. While you are at it, you might also want to read a number of inspiring quotes and articles online to keep you in a good mood.

Moreover, you might also want to research on some of the different natural stress relief out there. Reading about natural remedies such as CBD, for example, might help you to determine whether taking an alternative approach to dealing with your stress could work for you. There is a lot of research out there to suggest that CBD products can have a mood-boosting impact on the mind and body. Accordingly, you can learn more about the potential health-boosting benefits of CBD by taking a look at some of the helpful resources and products on the Gold Bee website.


Take A Mental Break

Exposing ourselves to too much news about the outbreak can also take its toll on our mental health, causing us to worry and think unnecessarily. Distancing ourselves from social media and the tellie and taking a mental break will do us loads of good. Instead, we can play music or play with our children to help us relax and put our mind at ease.

You may also try lighting a candle, diffusing essential oils, or taking a sip or two of kava kava to help ease anxiety or depression and give you a good night’s sleep.

tips and tricks, health, health and wellness, health tips, fight stress during the Covid-19 outbreak
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Get Creative

Pursuing creative projects or activities is an effective and productive way to put your mind at ease. You can either opt to pick up that long-forgotten cross stitch project or decide to start a journal or a planner. Abbey Sy has just released her ABC Toolkit for free. It includes ephemera, lettering worksheet, journaling ideas, as well as other tools you can use. You can also finally learn how to draw or do calligraphy. Robert Alejandro is teaching drawing classes for children and adult on Facebook Live, while Artsy Margot is offering free brushlettering tutorials on Instagram.

tips and tricks, health, health and wellness, health tips, fight stress during the Covid-19 outbreak
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Get Active

Getting active and doing physical activities are perfect to release those endorphins to improve our general well-being. We are not only making our bodies healthy to ward off the virus but we are also doing our minds a big favor.

One of the things we can do while we stay safe at home is do yoga. My go-to yoga app is Mary Ochsner Yoga and currently she is offering additional yoga for happiness and stress routines for free.


Finally, a fool-proof way to guard our mental well-being in this challenging times is to do activities that promote mindfulness, like meditation. This activity will allow you to relax your mind and give you a clearer perspective. Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra is currently offering a 21-Day Meditation class for free.Lastly, fight stress during the Covid-19 outbreak by finding peace in your prayers and in your unwavering faith in the One mighty creator who has everything under control. Know that whatever challenges we are facing now, we shall overcome. We shall ride this out. Meanwhile, let us all stay at home so we can help flatten the curve.

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    1. I am also into reading these days. Been meaning to do some yoga, too, but it is rather tricky to set aside the time, especially when I am on mum duties 24/7.

  1. Thanks for this. In my case i dont stress my self in doing this or that. Mas important now ang mental health so i feed my brain with all the relaxation i can give myself. Netflix pa more

    1. It is true. That is why it really is a must for most mums to relax and mind their mental health, too! Reading is also my go-to de-stressing activity!

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