Mum Shares: Shakey’s Is Now Plastic Neutral

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Shakey’s is one of the few restaurants my little man would agree to dine in. He enjoys their delicious fried chicken and the fact that they are one of just a handful of restaurants that serve his favorite drink, pineapple juice. He loves eating at Shakey’s and always enjoys the experience.

I am delighted to learn and share that Shakey’s is now officially plastic neutral. It is always wonderful to learn that brands and products we personally love and support lend a hand in solving our problems on plastic and helping save Mother Earth.

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Dining at Shakey’s in December

What is Plastic Neutral?

Being plastic neutral means recovering and recycling an amount of plastic equal to what it uses. The plastic is, then, converted into alternative fuel, replacing coal used for producing cement. The perfect practice for a sustainable and responsible business.

Shakey’s is not only the Philippines’ leader in the pizza and full-service restaurant categories. It is also among the top consumer companies working to minimize environmental footprint. And in 2009, Shakey’s set a goal to help manage post-consumer waste and push to be plastic neutral in 2020. This January marked their first year of being “100% plastic-neutral”. They are the first restaurant chain in the country to hit this milestone.

“Consumer companies face significant cost and performance challenges in finding more sustainable alternatives to plastic. While co-processing is not the perfect solution, it can mitigate the environmental impact of plastic usage,” said Shakey’s Chairman Christopher Po. Co-processing is meant to “balance out our environmental effects,” said Chairman Po. He added, “Our brands represent quality, value-for-money products. We hope that they will eventually stand for responsible consumption as well.”

earth-friendly brands, mum shares, mum eats, mum going green, food musings, food, announcement

Shakey’s in a Nutshell

Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc. has been creating over 40 years of great times and great memories. It is one of the leading operators of Fast Casual Restaurants in the Philippines, focused on family casual dining. It maintains market leadership in both the chained pizza full-service and chained full-service restaurant categories. Shakey’s believes its superior value arises from its differentiated menu offerings, high-quality products, and a mission to consistently provide great times and great memories to every Shakey’s guest.

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