Blogging Challenge Version 3: Why Are You Doing It?

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Pinay Mommy Online tagged me earlier this month to do this blogging challenge. I have been meaning to do it but only found the time to do so now. 24/7 at home with the little man leaves little room for personal pursuits or time on the laptop. Well, unless I give him more time to tinker with his games, that is! But, yes, I am finally doing it and here’s hoping I’d be able to finish it through to the end, albeit I need to work double-time so I can catch up with the rest of the challenge.

Why Are You Doing It?

I am doing this challenge because I have always enjoyed doing blogging challenges and missed participating in them.

Joining this challenge would also mean another reason to update the blog. And, boy, it is in dire need of updates! I must admit that I am not as active as I hope I’d be. I remember those days when I’d work on my blogs for hours on end, churning one post after another, joining one meme after another. Those are good times!

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Writing regularly is also something I have been meaning to do, and joining this challenge would allow me to do exactly that. Writing regularly and writing posts other than the required ones is a good exercise and a habit I would like to develop. I reckon this prolonged time at home is just the best opportunity to do just that.

This should be exciting as I am doing this challenge along with a bunch of other mum bloggers. And if you are ever interested in jumping in and doing the challenge with us, please do so. Check out this post for details about the challenge and the daily theme! See yah! :heart:

Blogging Challenge 1/30 ~ Done!

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