Mum Finds: Doble-Diskarte With The New Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi

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It has been a year since we have been forced to stay at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. And now more than ever, we need a reliable and fast internet connection to cater to everyone of the family’s needs ~ dad’s reports for work, mum’s WFH activity and side hustles, ate‘s school deadline and K-Dramas, kuya‘s online classes, as well as the little one’s online games. Since everybody is doing everything at home now, a faster and more efficient internet connection has now been an indespensable part of our household. We needed an internet connection that can keep up without putting a dent on the family’s monthly budget as everyone in the family is doing doble-diskarte.

This is why I am very excited to share with you my latest discovery: the new Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi. I got mine recently and was able to install it in less than 5 minutes!

My #DobleDiskarte Prepaid Kit from Globe At Home

Very Easy Steps to Set-up your Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi

  1. Attach your Modem with the modem power supply
  2. Plug it in and wait for the blue lights to turn on
  3. Open your WiFi settings, select your Wifi network, and use your WLAN KEY as your password
  4. Activate your modem and get your free 10GB using Facebook Messenger
  5. Search for Globe at Home
  6. Click “Get Started” then “Prepaid WiFi”
  7. Click “Activate 10GB”, select modem type and enter Prepaid WiFi number
  8. You are ready to use your new Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi!
Activating Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi via Facebook Messenger

Reloading the Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi is also easy-peasy. Just download the Globe at Home App and click “Go to Dashboard” on the main page. Click on “+Get More Data” then select the promo you want by clicking “Subscribe”. You can, then, select your payment method, click “Proceed”and reply “Yes” to the verification message you will received.

We have been using our Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi for a while now and it sure is very fast. I can work on my laptop, check and update my social media pages on my mobile phone, do video calls, or binge watch our favorite series on Netflix without a hitch! Truly, the family can now do more doble diskarte with this new offering from Globe.

What I Love about this new innovation from Globe

  • It is 2X faster that the regular Globe Home Prepaid WiFi with its LTE-Advanced technology
  • 5G capability
  • You only need to shell out a one-time fee of Php1,999
  • Easy on the budget exclusive promos you can avail from GCash, Globe at Home, and Globe One Apps
  • With no monthly bills to worry about
  • Comes with a free 10GB load valid for 7 days
  • You only need to load when the need arises and doing so is simple and easy
  • Shareable up to 6 devices, so every member of the family can do doble earning, learning, and recreation

In this trying times when we mums need to double-hustle to earn while at home, when the little ones require faster connection for their online lessons and creative pursuits, and when we also need to devote time for relaxation and family bonding activites, like watching movies, playing online games, or watching YouTube videos together, an internet connection with the most-advanced modem technology gives us one less thing to worry about. I thank Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi for keeping me and my family connected so we can do doble diskarte while staying safe at home.

Visit the Globe Online Shop to get your very own Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi now!

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  1. Wifi is life sa panahon ng pandemic. And dahil online classes and work from home ngayon, we upgraded our internet to 50mbps. Additional expense pero kelangan kasi.

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