Money Matters: 5 Ways To Keep Your Customers During The Pandemic

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The Covid19 pandemic put a stop in world economies. It made businesses, big and small alike, struggle to keep afloat while the world wait with bated breath for the onslaught of the would-be biggest health crisis of our time to finally stop. Numerous establishments were badly hit. Some may not even be opening up shops anytime soon. While those who were lucky enough to continue providing products and services to now-homebound customers and clienteles grapple at the staggering changes and restrictions brought about by the current situation.

The economic crisis brought about by this health emergency is but another reason to make sure your customers continue to patronize your products and services. Here are a few things to do exactly that:

Focus on your existing customers

The loyal customers are the backbone of every business or enterprise. You need to put premium on your existing customers as you also build a number of new ones for your business. Commend the people who continue to support your company even in this difficult times. Go the extra mile to provide better service or improved products.

A few of the things you can do to show your customers exactly how you value them includes reviewing your loyalty program or hosting free webinars. You can also provide streamlined customer support for an even improved customer experience.

Establish a constant communication with your customers

Life in the time of Covid-19, money matters, tips and tricks, money talks
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Now that your clients are unable to see you face-to-face as they cannot visit your shop or your store, it is high time that you set up a way for your customers to contact you conveniently and instantly. This is also the time to show your users and subscribers that you hear them and that you empathize with their causes. You can use your online pages for this purpose. You can also set up a mailing list or set up a hotline where the users can contact you any time.

Ask your self this question: why do I need a customer 360 view? and consider investing on softwares and products to help you effectively manage your customer data. This will allow you to use these data in order to serve and supply your clients better.

Increase and leverage your online presence

Now is the best time to increase your presence online. Leverage your social media pages to bring your products and services to your clientele. Since people are spending more time at home and on their screens, it would prove to be helpful to provide fresh and relevant contents. Update your Facebook and Instagram pages on a regular basis. Include your website to the mix and update it as often as you can. Inspirational pandemic-related anecdotes are samples of content your followers and supporters will enjoy in your pages. You can also use your pages to update your clients on your efforts to contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

Launch promos and discounts

Launching special promos, as well as giving out discounted rates, are just a few of the ways you can entice your clientele to keep patronizing your products and services. You may also consider giving special or discounted shipping rates, as most transactions are done online these days and more and more people are opting for their purchases to be shipped or delivered to them, instead of them personally picking them up.

Providing freebies with every purchase will also provide to be a good motivator for your customers to continue purchasing your goods and wares.

Find innovative ways to serve your clients

Life in the time of Covid-19, money matters, tips and tricks, money talks
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The abrupt chaging of the times and the adverse conditions we are all now facing is a great chance to innovate the way you are serving your clients. While staying true to your mission and vision for the company, you can provide additional service or new products that would be most useful today.

There are companies who have stopped producing their regular products but have continued on to produce alcohols and sanitizers, or other products that are very much in demand at this point in time. There are even companies who have started shipping their products to reach more people who need them. Continue to find ways to keep your customers even in this difficult of times.

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