Tips + Tricks: 4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Child-Friendly

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The reality is that weddings can be long and boring for children. Many couples worry about how they are going to keep kids entertained and well-behaved. The last thing any bride and groom wants is to have tantrums, screaming, and children running riot on your special day.

The good news for you is that there are lots of ways to keep little ones entertained. Here are some tips to help you plan a child-friendly wedding:

Choose a child-friendly venue

If you are inviting little ones to your wedding, then you should pick a child-friendly venue that will allow them (and their parents who can stay relaxed) to have fun while being safe. According to advice on Easy Weddings, you should avoid choosing a venue that has potential hazards to children, e.g., a venue near a busy road or one that has a pool that isn’t fenced off.

Before booking, make sure to check that your preferred venue serves child-friendly food and offers enough space for children to run around and blow off steam without getting under adults’ feet. Ideally, you should pick a venue with a separate room that can be transformed into a kid-only area with lots of fun activities and games to keep little ones entertained.

Give children disposable cameras

Asking children to take photos of your wedding will give them an important role and make them feel involved in the celebrations. Give each child a disposable camera when they arrive and ask them to take photos throughout the day. The quality might not be amazing, but children may capture beautiful candid shots that your photographer misses.

You can also set up fun photo-ops for children to capture. For instance, plan eye-catching decorations like a flower wall or hire a stunning vintage car to pose with. You can find classic and vintage wedding cars, like the 1965 Jaguar MK2 Saloon, by visiting

Arrange fun entertainment

Weddings are long events and children get bored easily, so you must plan fun activities to keep them entertained. There are loads of ways to keep children entertained at your wedding. Here are a few ideas:

  • Organise fun outdoor games like bowls, ring toss, or giant Jenga.
  • Create a gaming station with classic arcade games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders.
  • Hand out goody bags with activities like colouring books and quizzes.
  • Set up a crafts table where children can draw and paint.
  • Hire a foosball table and organise a tournament for the kids.

Create a kid-only area

Create a kid-only area where children can go to play and relax while their parents let their hair down on the dance floor. Provide comfy seating where little ones can nap or watch films away from the noise of the party. Anything that allows children to have fun while their parents have fun too is a great thing to include in your wedding.

Mum’s two cents

If you’re having children at your wedding, then you should think ahead and plan fun activities to keep little ones entertained. Your guests will feel much more relaxed if their children are occupied and well-behaved. These tips will help you create a child-friendly and enjoyable wedding.

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