Health + Wellness: 5 Tips To Help Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey This New Year

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The beginning of the year is always a good time to start on that ever-pending fitness journey. Now that everyone seems to be falling ill and contracting the Covid-19 virus is the best time to focus on getting healthier and fitter to help your body ward off illnesses and stay in the best shape you could possibly be.

Of course, setting out a personal fitness goal for the new year is not without its nuisances. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you begin that journey you have always been putting off and, hopefully, assist you in sticking to your goals and finishing strong at the end of the year.

Take small steps

You do not need to do a full exercise routine in a single day. Especially for beginners, it is ideal to start small and stick to simple 5-minute routine you can practice daily. You may opt to start doing 10 squats and 10 jumping jacks in a day and add a few more into your routine until you get the hang of it. You can, then, progress to 30-minute yoga routine until you are finally strong and disciplined enough to start doing longer and more complicated routines.

Invest on quality work out clothes

Keep an eye out for good-quality work out clothes. They will not only provide utmost comfort as you go through your exercise sequence, but will also give you an extra inspiration to tackle your fitness goal for the day. You might want to consider adding article of clothings like quick-drying tops, sports bra, and bombshell leggings to help spruce up your practice. This will not only entice you to work out even more, but will also provide for Instagrammable poses and routines, should you wish to document your journey by posting them on your social media pages.

Journal your journey

It will be effective to track your daily progress by keeping a journal of your fitness journey. You can also include a vision board of how you envision yourself at the end of the process, as this will also prove to be a good motivator. You can even track your daily exercise routine and include a list of new routines or yoga poses you want to try next, as well as a daily note of your food intake, if you are also into tracking your diet.

Designate a workout buddy

Look for a workout buddy who will be responsible in inspiring you to work out on days when you are feeling lazy. Doing a fitness journey is more enjoyable with a buddy of similar mind who shares the same vision and passion as you have. You can both provide a gentle nudge to each other on challenging days and be your very own cheerleader on days when you are nailing your fitness goal.

Go easy on yourself

On days when you are having a hard time keeping up with your daily fitness goal, go easy on yourself. If you are having a hard time to exercise, focus on something else like setting more fitness goals for you to achieve or doing meditation and other mental exercises that will also help in your fitness journey. You cannot be 100% ready to train and work hard all the time, so cut yourself some slack and take that much needed break, too.

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  1. All checked! All are the best tips to start anew version of you !
    I’m sure everybody wants to be healthy and into consideration of wellness!

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