Mum Inspires: Of Gratitude + Beauty

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Indeed, if we have a grateful heart, life, and everything else around us, becomes even more beautiful.

That being said, here is my gratitude list for the past few weeks:

🌵my new plant babies

🌵blooms from my cacti and flowering plants

🌵spending time with the family

🌵ticking more items off my to-do list

🌵surprises in the mail

🌵$$ opportunities for the blog

🌵catching up on zzz

🌵new series to binge watch on Netflix

🌵dining out for the first time since the pandemic broke

🌵new leaves unfurling from my Adansonii

🌵discovering a new hobby and putting it to good use

🌵the full moon

🌵catching up on my reading hoping to put a dent on my never-ending to-read pile

🌵spending time outdoors, albeit for a limited time

🌵repotting more succies and cacti

🌵the Gumamela I gave to a mum blogger friend finally bloomed and it has the most beautiful yellow ombre color

🌵green mangoes from my ever-generous neighbor

🌵yet another free meditation class

🌵breathtaking huge white fluffs

What are you grateful for today, mummas!💜

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