Mum Inspires: Of Gratitude + Messes

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It is a must that we cultivate an attitude of gratitude as it becomes an anchor that pulls us up so we can get back on our feet when life knocks us down. It allows us to see the good in every challenging day and see the lesson out of every difficult situation. It allows us to look past the mess and appreciate the message.

For this month, I am grateful for:

?My family’s good health and safety

?Catching up with a dear friend I have not spoken to for a while now and picking up where we left off

?My new hoyas and houseplants

?My blooming gymnos

?New opps for the blogs

?The not-so-little man finishing off his 30-book Reading Challenge for this year, even when he only sped the process up so he can get back into his games

?Ticking off another book from my to-read list

?My sampaguita flowering again

?My thriving repotted houseplants

?Finding a community of like-minded people who share my passion and fascination for CNS, plants, and gardening

?My generous landlady for giving me a net to protect my plant babies from the sharp afternoon sun

?The not-so-little man’s imminent summer break

?The occasional downpour that makes my green babies happy

?Getting one my plant wish list ~ a frangipani, and I cannot wait for it to bloom

?Ticking off a few items from my to-do list

?Morning meditations

?Surprises in the mail

?Someone showing appreciation and love for my family

?Dried Pusit and Danggit

?Plant prizes from paid and free raffles

?My RT White Tineke finally about to unfurl a new leaf

?Convos with another dear friend from across the miles

?Being able to share blessings to blog followers and supporters

?My little reader finishing off one of his books on Martial Law

What are you grateful for today, mummas?

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