Mum Inspires: Of Gratitude + Wisdom

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Today, I am grateful for:

🌺The new leaves of my RT White Tineke finally unfurling {he is on his 3rd leaf at the moment}

🌺My RT Lemon Lime sprouting new and bigger leaves

🌺Late night/very early morning convos with my dear friend from across the miles

🌺Visiting my siblings

🌺Seeing my niece and nephew after a very long time. My, how they’ve grown. They are both taller than I am

🌺 Blooms from my gymnos

🌺My Euphorbia Greenwayi showing new growth {A seller gave this to me as a freebie a few weeks ago and I am so thrilled to find out it is now stable after I have repotted and cared for it}

🌺My little man almost finished with the school year

🌺My new stones

🌺More earning opportunities for the blogs

🌺New plant babies {Big Roi, Latifolia, and Raphidophora Tetrasperma}

🌺Catching up on Marvel series with the little man


🌺My Peanut Cactus’ first bloom

🌺Finally seeing Spiderman: No Way Home and how we loved it!

🌺Surprises in the mail

🌺Late evening downpour

🌺The moon

🌺Re-discovering poetry

What are you grateful for today, mummas?

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