Mum Shares: Lactum Encourages All Of Us To Honor Our Moms + Say It With #KungAlamMoLangMa

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When was the last time you told your Mom you love her? That you appreciate her for all the times she stayed up late when you were sick or when you had to review for all your tests? How she covered your notebooks, neatly labeling your name or how she simply combed your hair? This Mother’s Day, Lactum asks each of us to tell our mom how much she means to us;  how we appreciate all the sacrifices she tries to hide from us; and, how seeing her happy is what also makes us happy.

This is the essence of Lactum’s Mother’s Day video #KungAlamMoLangMa. While mums love and care for their children completely and unconditionally, many still feel that they are missing out because they don’t spend as much time as they want with their kids. More than that, many mums feel that the struggles they go through each day just to make sure the kids are fed well, have clean clothes to wear or do their homework are hardly noticed.  But as #KungAlamMoLangMa would show and prove: their children actually are aware of their mom’s feelings and are thankful for the sacrifices she makes.

Mums do what they do because of love. When children grow up happy and healthy and do well at home and in school, mothers feel fulfilled and validated that she has done right. A perfect example for this is when  mums ensure that their kids grow up with all-around development  by providing positive stimulation and proper nutrition that includes Vitaminized Lactum 3+ which has 5x more DHA and 50% Less Sucrose {Sugar} versus its previous formulation. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid which supports brain development during early childhood. Vitaminized Lactum 3+ also has nutrients that help promote bone growth and help strengthen the body’s immune system.

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By providing their child with the proper nutrition for optimum all-around development plus important nutrients contained in every glass of Lactum, mums express the love they have for their kids.

But while a mother’s love is instinctive and unwavering, no other person can feel unappreciated more than a mother. While many children say “I love you” to their mums, these  simple words are uttered less and less as they grow up.

This Mother’s Day, Lactum encourages all sons and daughters to express their thoughts and feelings to their mums and draw inspiration from their heart-warming video #KungAlamMoLangMa. The video seeks to counter any doubts that mums may have about themselves or the things they do. It honors mums by telling them the truth: that their children know and understand that mothers only want what’s best for them. More than that, it also shows mums that to see them smile and happy is just as important to their kids.

Lactum invites everyone to watch the #KungAlamMoLangMa video via this link Also check out how Lactum mom Camille Prats showed appreciation for her mom in her post here: and tell her how you feel. Lactum believes it is time to show mums that they are loved and appreciated not just on Mother’s Day but every day because nobody deserves a child’s love and appreciation more than a mom.

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