Tips + Tricks: Women’s Graphic T-shirts Style Guide For Any Occasion

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A graphic T-shirt is widely considered a closet staple item, and we tend to agree. You might be thinking of that one Nirvana shirt that everyone wears, but there is way more out there for you than that {many of which are not band shirts at all}. Regardless of the design that strikes your fancy, you will be able to use your graphic tees in a variety of ways. You can dress them up or down, layer them to make them versatile all year round, and more.

A graphic tee is simply a short sleeve shirt with a prominent design on the front. They can come in so many styles from cropped to oversized.

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Here are a few ways to style your graphic tee for any occasion:

Nights out or business casual events

You might not be able to sport a graphic tee at a wedding, but you can absolutely get away with them in dressier settings. Elevate the tee with a blazer and jeans, and maybe even a pair of heels, for a look that is perfect for any night out or business casual event.

Layer it!

This is arguably one of the best parts about graphic tees. They are perfect for layering, which makes them a staple all year round, instead of just in the summer. When the weather gets colder, you can throw on a long-sleeved shirt or a turtleneck underneath. Or, you can opt for a light sweater or jacket over top. If the temperature calls for it, you could do both! Create a layered look with different textures to elevate the outfit.

tips and tricks, fashion tips, fashion, women fashion

Try it with a skirt or a dress

A graphic tee might seem like a jeans or shorts type of thing, but you can wear them in so many other ways. Of course, you can wear your graphic tee with a skirt. Depending on the length and size, you can tuck it in if you need to. And have you ever thought about wearing your tee over a dress? This instantly transforms any dress you have, by allowing you to use it like a skirt instead. Think about how much more versatile your closet just got.

tips and tricks, fashion tips, fashion, women fashion

So, where do people find all these graphic tees? The answer is, a ton of places. You can walk into your local Target and find hundreds to choose from. But some of the best places to find graphic tees are through wholesale boutique clothing. You’re likely to find many more designs to choose from, and they are probably more unique than what your local Target is mass producing. The best part? You can look at what you already have in your closet and decide which shirts match best and can be paired with the most items. That way, you know as soon as they arrive that they will become a staple part of your wardrobe.

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