A Day In The Life Of Mum: Anti-biotics + Pain Reliever Morning

If there is one thing I really hate it will have to be waking up at the wrong side of the bed + feeling ill early in the morning. Mums are not allowed to be sick + we are not suppose to get sick what with all the 24/7 responsibilities we keep day in and day out!

Sunday morning was one of those rare {thank God!} mornings when I wake up a bit off, I felt a tinge of pain in my left jaw which I automatically thought as a result of a swelling lymph node due to my recurring ear problems. The pain was becoming uncomfortable,and so I found myself reading articles on CFAH.org explaining how CBD oil can be effective when used to alleviate pain. I have been overly picking my ear which resulted to it being dry + itchy, I guess. I was also thinking it happened once a few weeks’ back, too, + the pain was gone the next day, so there is really no cause to worry or to panic! I went about with my affairs for the day + even managed to do a week’s worth of laundry later in the afternoon, after the little man felt a bit better {he was feeling rather ill, too, nursing a high fever}.

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